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Material and technical base

Condition and supply of material and technical base (auditorium, cabinet, laboratory etc.) of the college

Total area of the college is 13432,9 sq.m. Yard area is 4000 sq.m. It has an assembly hall for 100 people (140 sq.m).
There are 35 auditoria, classrooms, teachers’ room and administrative rooms in the college. In every floor of the educational building there is a security board and equipment. The building is heated with modern heating system. There are 6 electronic boards, 10 projectors, 7 scanners, printer and xerocopy apparatus, 3 TV sets and an electric sewing machine.
Students use classrooms provided with technical training facilities, library, reading-hall, playground, gym, computer rooms. Also, chemistry and physics laboratories have been established.
There are classrooms such as Azerbaijani language and literature, mathematics and informatics, English, pre-conscription preparatory of youth, traffic organization, composition of car traffic, drawing, technical mechanics, accounting, finance, electrotechnics, biology etc. at the college.

Preparation of library, canteen, medical point (doctor, psychologist) for new academic year

Total area of college library is 200 sq.m. Area of the fund is 140 sq.m., area of reading-hall is 60 sq.m. There are 2 computers, a printer, a xerocopy apparatus in the library. Internet is also available there. General number of book fund is 23416, number of textbook fund is 4350 and number of artistic literature is 17219. There is a medical point in the college. It is 8 sq.m. It has necessary first medical aid equipment, medicine and drugs.

College ICT supply and internet access

There are 2 ICT rooms, 54 computers, 10 laptops in the college. Teachers and students use internet service. They are able to get acquainted with new pedagogical technologies and other innovations.

There are 10 disciplinary commissions at the college.

  1. Mother tongue and literature
  2. Chemistry
  3. Technical and technological subjects
  4. Foreign languages
  5. Social sciences and history
  6. Accounting
  7. Car transport
  8. Pedagogy
  9. Physics-mathematics
  10. Special training (on a public basis)

In 2016-2017 academic year 2 employees were admitted to PhD. Gasimov Samiddin is studying at SSU, Aliyeva Gulsabah is studying at Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. Gurbanov Asad has restored his scientific work. Garayeva Aynura her defended his scientific work.

Also, in autumn semester 49 meetings were held, 26 methodical works were fulfilled, open lessons were held. Our teachers have published their articles in other universities’ and foreign journals.

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