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International students office
International students office in Sumgayit State University was established according to the order of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic dated 30.10.2006, №781. Subjects of Azerbaijani language, literature, history of Azerbaijan, speech development, scientific style of speech, informatics, mathematics, English and Russian are taught in a preparatory course under the office. Classes are delivered by experienced teachers, professors and docents of the university departments. 2 employees are working at the office.
Head of the office – Mammadova Sudaba Mammad gizi
Methodologist – Abbaszade Vusala Alasgar gizi
The office works hard on new projects for involving more international students in university. Citizens of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Israel, Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have studied at our university.
For making students spend their student years interestingly and strengthening friendships national holidays and special days of both Azerbaijan and their countries are celebrated together with them.
International students also actively take part in public life of the university. They represent the university in various events and sports competitions. Sightseeing tours are arranged for international students in order to make them more interested in Azerbaijan.
We invite every foreign citizen to study at our university. 
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