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The department of pedagogy and psychology was established on December 25, 1997. From 1997 to 2001, Doctor of Philosophy, associate professor Jeyhun Hasan oglu Mammadov worked as the head of the department. From December 2001 to May 2017, the department was headed by Tariyel Mammad oglu Mammadov, PhD in pedagogy and associate professor. Since May 2017, the department has been headed by PhD in pedagogy, associate professor Aytekin Telman gizi Mammadova. Associate Professor Aytekin Mammadova is the author of the monograph ‘Pedagogical reviews of A. Seyidov’, the methodological resource ‘Social Pedagogy’, 50 articles, 20 theses, and has been working on her doctoral dissertation since 2016.
At the undergraduate level, the specialty of ‘Psychology’ was opened in 2009, the specialty of ‘Social-psychological service in education’ since 2015, and the specialty of ‘Corrective education’ since 2022 at the Faculty of Philology. The teachers of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, as a general university department, teach fifty-two subjects in all faculties at the undergraduate level: pedagogy, basics of psychology, social psychology, social pedagogy, experimental psychology, political psychology, pedagogical psychology, family psychology and so on.
Except for the Faculty of Economics of the University, in all other faculties, the department teaches two subjects at the master's level. 1. Higher school pedagogy, 2. Psychology.
Since 2018, 060209 - General psychology, 060117 - Methodology and methodology of preschool education, 060119 - Theory and history of pedagogy since 2020, 060209 - Child and age psychology specialization have been opened in the department since 2018. The following subjects are taught in these specialties: General psychology specialization: Psychology of personality, The problem of consciousness and unconsciousness in psychology, Formation and development of psychological thought in Azerbaijan, Theory and practice of psychological experiments, etc. Methods and methodology of pre-school training and education specialization: History and methodology of pre-school education, Methodology of training and education in pre-school children, Defectology and speech therapy in pre-school institutions, Pre-school curriculum reform, Modern problems of pre-school education, etc. Pedagogical theory and historical specialization: History and methodology of pedagogy, theoretical foundations of general pedagogy, history of pedagogy, social pedagogy, modern problems of pedagogy, etc
Foreign students have been studying in this specialty since the establishment of the psychology specialty in the department of pedagogy and psychology. Currently, four foreign students are studying full-time psychology majors and one foreign student is studying part-time psychology majors. A foreign graduate student is studying at the master's degree in general psychology.
Currently, there are 1 professor, 12 associate professors, 7 senior teachers, 10 teachers (1 is a doctor of philosophy), and 2 assistant staff in the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.
Experimental psychology, psychological service in education, preschool and elementary education offices were created by the employees of the department of pedagogy and psychology. In addition, in 2018, employees of the department of pedagogy and psychology participated in the Inclusive education project organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, UNICEF and RDPU with the financial support of the European Union.
Research on ‘Scientific, pedagogical and psychological foundations of democratization and humanization of the education system’ is conducted in the department. The conducted works are directed in the following direction: the content and main directions of the organization of the education system based on democratic and humanistic principles, the pedagogical and psychological aspects of the ideas of democratization and humanization of education in the history of Azerbaijan school and pedagogical notion, democratic management as the pedagogical and psychological basis of the humanization of education, democratization of the education system and the role of humanization in quality assurance, forms and methods of organizing education based on democratic and humanistic principles.
In the last five years, 2 employees of the department defended their dissertations and received the Ph.D. degree, 3 people received the associate professor diploma.
In the last few years, 10 textbooks, 50 subject programs, 4 monographs, more than 180 articles and theses, including up to 20 scientific articles, have been published in foreign journals.
The textbook, methodical resource and programs prepared by the department's staff are used in the teaching process in other higher education institutions. ‘Preschool children's games’ (Assoc. A.T. Mammadova, Assoc. S.A. Karimova), ‘Management of primary education’ (Assoc. Sh. A. Huseynov), ‘History of development of school and pedagogical notion in Azerbaijan (XVII-XVIII centuries)’ (Assoc. .S.A. Adigozalova), ‘Psychology of communication and mutual relations’ (Assoc. K.B. Salamova), etc. funds can be an example of this.
In 2020, on the initiative of the staff of the department, Republican Scientific Conferences were held on the topic ‘Integration into society and social adaptation: theoretical and practical aspects’, and in 2022 on the topic ‘The place and role of pedagogy and psychological sciences in the formation of the teacher's personality in the conditions of globalization’.
The department of pedagogy and psychology maintains scientific-pedagogical relations with Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Educational Institute of The Republic of Azerbaijan, Lankaran State University, Azerbaijan Technical University.
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