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The foundation of the faculty of Engineering was laid in 1973 with the establishment of the faculty of Energy-Automation of Production Processes-Mechanics. Later, the faculty was named ‘Energy, automation and mechanics’, ‘Automatics-mechanics’, ‘Automatics’. After Sumgait State University was established in 2000 on the basis of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute, the name of the faculty was ‘Computer technics and technologies’, and since 2004 ‘Computer techniques and information technologies. In 2006, the ‘Engineering’ faculty was established on the basis of automation and management, information and computing technology, mechanics, electronic technology, logistics and transport technologies, mechatronics and robotics, and prospective energy-oriented engineering specialties.
The faculty is headed by associate professor Ulduz Agayev Kheyrulla oglu.
The faculty consists of 137 professors and teaching assistants, including 8 professors, 32 associate professors, 35 senior teachers, 10 assistants, 6 tutors, 6 laboratory managers, 36 laboratory assistants and 4 junior researchers.
Currently, there are 7 doctoral students in the Ph.D. program, 4 doctoral students in the doctor of sciences program and 2 dissertation students working on their dissertations in the faculty.
Teaching at the faculty is carried out in full-time and part-time form. 1521 students: 1424 of them are studying at the bachelor’s level (912 students at the full-time department and 552 students at the part-time department) and 57 students at the master’s level.
There are 4 specialized departments at the faculty:
Information technologies
Automation and Mechanics
Chemical engineering
Two specialties have been awarded the international certificate of the European independent accreditation company (ASIIN):
At the bachelor's level
Specialization in process automation engineering
At the master's level
Energy management specialty
Specialist training in the following specialties is carried out at the undergraduate level:
1. Computer engineering
2. Information technologies
3. Process automation engineering
4. Mechatronics and robotics engineering
5. Energy engineering
6. Electrical and electronics engineering
7. Mechanical engineering
8. Engineering of logistics and transport technologies
9. Oil - gas engineering
10. Chemical engineering
11. Ecology
12. Environmental engineering
13. Information security
14. Industrial engineering
Specialist training in the following specialties is carried out at the master's level:
1. Electric power engineering (Electric power, Electric network and systems)
2. Electrical engineering (Electrical supply, Automation and electrical transmission of industrial facilities and technological complexes, High voltage technique and physics, Optimization and modeling of electrical supply)
3. Process automation engineering (Automation of technological processes and production)
4. Information technologies and systems engineering (Cyber security, information systems in management)
5. Computer engineering (Computer engineering)
6. Ecological engineering (Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources)
7. Chemical engineering (Chemistry and technology of basic organic synthesis, Chemical technology of polymers)
Specializations at doctoral level:
3338.01 - Systematic analysis, management and information systems
3337.01 – Information-measurement and management systems
The main scientific-research directions of the faculty:
Research and development of information systems and elements
Development of theoretical and practical issues of automated design, construction, modeling and management tools
Creation of automated management systems of production processes
Theoretical foundations of two-phase media mechanics and calculation of structural elements
Research and development of efficient production methods of alkyl aromatic amines and alkylphenols, esters that increase the octane number.
Chemistry and technology of petroleum-based industrially important aromatic amines and phenols
Investigation of the decomposition of natural phosphates in mineral acids with the presence of intensifying components and the process of granulation of powdered phosphorus fertilizers
Ecological evaluation of gray-brown soils of Sumgait industrial zone
Development of methods and tools that ensure reliable and efficient operation modes of load nodes, devices and elements of electric supply systems
Management of electromechanical systems and their elements
The faculty has 22 teaching laboratories that meet modern requirements:
Computer technologies and programming
Information technologies and systems
Electronic transducers and measurements
Automation and information technology
Technological measurements and technical means
Automatic adjustment, digital control systems
Mechanics, standardization and measuring techniques
Electrical measuring technique
Energy engineering
Thermal technique
Electrical transmission
Power electronics
Educational museum of electric power
Chemical and oil and gas engineering
Technology of high molecular compounds
Efficient use of natural resources
Creation of an inter-university innovation network, a video conference hall in the direction of the development of cooperation in enterprises.
The faculty has a special place in expanding SSU's relations with foreign countries. Since 2004, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan Technical University and Mingachevir State University in cooperation with Germany's Cologne University of Applied Sciences and Holland's Heerlen Higher Technical School, Process Automation Engineering and Energy Management in the Chemical Industry specializations specialist training has been started with a curriculum adapted to European standards. Educational laboratories equipped with modern equipment were created in the faculty and provided to students, lecture notes and methodological materials of the subjects taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels were printed and included in the library fund.
The faculty's teachers have been on internships in Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland, and Turkey to master teaching technologies. The achievements achieved as a result of the work done within the framework of the TEMPUS project were also applied in other specialties of the faculty.
In 2010, Sumgait State University was the winner of the TEMPUS project called ‘Creating an Inter-University Innovation Network for the Development of Cooperation with Enterprises’.
Employees of the faculty took part in training at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, the University of Twente in the Netherlands, Gazi University in Turkey, Spain within the framework of the ERASMUS+, PETRA international projects.
Within the framework of the project, an inter-university innovation network was created, and a video conference hall was put into use. The hall is equipped with equipment that meets modern requirements and is connected to a high-speed fiber optic Internet network. With various universities in the video conference hall:
Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas of Russia, Ufa State Aviation University, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Ufa State Oil and Technology University, Ukhta State Technical University, Poltava Technical University of Ukraine, Ivanovo-Frankovsk National Technical University, Belarusian National Technical University, Polotsk State University, Krakow University of Poland, Royal University of Technology of Sweden, and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University organize video conferences, distance lectures, etc. is used in conducting.
The video conference room is also used for organizing distance courses, giving advice, holding joint online scientific conferences and seminars, and other purposes.
At the faculty Dissertation defense councils for receiving the Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science degrees in Systematic analysis, management and information systems, Information-measurement and management systems specialties, Student Scientific Society, Student Council, Student Youth Organization, Student Free Trade Union Organization are operating.
Engineering faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
Sumgait city,
43rd district, Baku street 1,
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