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Additional Education Center
Additional Education Center was established by the decision of the meeting of the Scientific Council of Sumgayit State University dated October 2, 2015 (protocol №01) on the basis of the letter of agreement No. 46-25-5825 / 17 dated 21.09.2015 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Additional education being an integral part of continuing education and vocational training provides an opportunity for every citizen who has a state document to complete any stage of vocational education to obtain continuing education.
Additional education carries out a responsible for raising and improving the level of vocational training, adapting them to constantly changing and evolving working conditions, ensuring the active and effective participation of older citizens in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the country.
İn different years doc.S.A.Xalilov and doc. M.H.Agayarov headed Additional Education Center. Ilgar Seyfaddin oglu Safarli- associate professor of the department of mathematical analysis and theory of functions of Sumgayit State University has been appointed director of Additional Education Center from 06.01.2022 by the order of the rector K 08/2.
Additional education in the Republic of Azerbaijan covers the following areas:
Education of increasing qualification;
Retraining education of cadre;
Education of internship and staff development;
Recurrent higher education;
Education of promotion degrees;
Education of elderly people;
The content and organization of education in these areas and the issuance of the relevant state document to persons trained in any direction approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 6, 2010, No. 163 "The content, organization of additional education and the procedure for issuing the relevant document to persons trained in any area of additional education" is regulated by the document.
The main purpose of education of increasing qualification is to raise and improve the level of intellectual and vocational training of each employee or specialist, to adapt to constantly changing and updated working conditions, to ensure active and effective participation in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the country. The curriculum model of education of increasing qualification has been developed and unlike traditional methods this area of education is based on a new model. Retraining education is a form of additional education that fulfills the desire of every citizen who has received basic vocational education and works in a certain field to acquire a new profession and specialty in the relevant field and serves to respond the real requirement for staff more dynamically and flexibly. This form of education is additional education given to specialists the difference between the basic education programs and the basic education program of the specialty to be re-acquired provided that it does not exceed the number of hours calculated for one academic year. Each student who fully masters the programs of retraining and successfully passes the state certification is awarded a state document - a diploma in a single form.
Internships and improvement of the cadre is a kind of additional education for the staff such as ; scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical, engineering and teaching staff, industry, construction, economics, medicine, agriculture, all types of production fields, etc. This type of education is carried out in order to ensure flexibility in the training of specialists and the desire of individuals to get additional professional education.
Education of promotion degrees is a type of education providing preparation of personnel who graduated from secondary special education institutions and acquired a sub-bachelor"s degree for a bachelor"s degree in relevant specialties.
Education of promotion degrees serves to ensure the real requirement for higher education personnel more dynamically and flexibly and is additional education that is given to sub-bachelors on condition difference between the initial basic education program and the bachelor"s degree program in the specialty to be re-acquired is not less than the number of hours calculated for 1 academic year and not more than hours calculated for 2 academic years.
It is an additional type of education that ensures that the education of the elderly and citizens are constantly adapted to changes in society and the economy. This direction of additional education comes out of the necessity for retraining, adaptation to new conditions and creation of new employment opportunities for a large part of the able-bodied population to be competitive in the labor market.
Sumgayit State University is accepting students for retraining in the following specialties:
1. Mathematics teaching;
2. Informatics teaching;
3. Teaching mathematics and computer science;
4. Physics teaching;
5. Chemistry teaching;
6. Biology teaching;
7. Chemistry and biology teaching;
8. Geography teaching;
9. History teaching;
10. History and geography teaching;
11. Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature;
12. Primary school teaching (Azerbaijani and Russian sections);
13. Preschool education and upbringing;
14. Psychology;
15. Teaching physical education and youth pre-challenge preparation.


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