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Faculty of Philology commenced to function as a History and Philology department in 2000, was History and Philology Faculty in 2001 and became Faculty of Philology in 2003.
Faculty staff consists of 105 professors and lecturers, among them 7, professors, 20, associate professors, 40 senior lecturers and 38 lecturers. At present 19 PhD students are engaged in scientific work in the Faculty. The dean of the Faculty has been PhD in Philology docent Hamzayeva Sevinj Sayyad gizi since 2014.
Education is led in full-time and correspondence sections. 1002 students are studying in Bachelor (900 of them full-time, 102 correspondence), 40 students in Master’s degree (full-time).
Majors for Bachelor’s degree:
-Teacher of Azerbaijani language and literature
-Philology (Azerbaijani language and literature)
-Pre-school education and training
-Primary school teacher
-Teacher of foreign language (on languages)
-Social-psychological service in education
-Music teacher (forte-piano, tar, kamancha, garmon, saz)
Majors for Master’s degree:
-Azerbaijani language
-Teaching methods and methodology of Azerbaijani language and literature
- Azerbaijani linguistics
-Linguistics (English language)
-Azerbaijani literature
-Literary studies (literature of European countries)
-Literary studies (literature of Turkish nations)
-General Psychology
- Pre-school education and training
Majors for PhD degree:
-Azerbaijani linguistics
-Azerbaijani literature
-World literature
Main scientific-research directions of the Faculty:
- Sources and perspectives of development of modern Azerbaijani language and literature
- Research directions of Azerbaijani language and literature
- Onomology of Azerbaijani language and development of speech culture
- Teaching problems of foreign languages (English and German), comparative linguistics, world literature
- Teaching problems of Russian language, comparative- typological linguistics, Russian literature.


Philology faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20