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A library is a sacred place and a source of culture, knowledge and intellect for people, nation and society.
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Azerbaijani libraries are the national wealth of the Azerbaijan people. Our libraries play an important role in collecting and preserving the valuable historical-cultural, literary-artistic and scientific-philosophical heritage created by our people, in transmitting the achievements of human culture from generation to generation, and in increasing the intellectual potential of our society.
Since ancient times, our country has been selected for its high book culture and known for its rich libraries.
As stated in the "Law on Library Work" of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a library is a social institution that collects and preserves printed works and other information carriers, organizes    their systematic using and serves the development of society, intellectual and moral potential.
Today, more than 12,000 different types of libraries operate in Azerbaijan with a wide information network. Among these libraries, librarians of higher education institutions, including the Scientific library of Sumgayit State University occupy a special place.
The scientific library of Sumgait State University started working as a branch of Mashadi Azizbayov Institute of Petroleum Chemistry in 1966, since 1975 it has been operating as the library of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute, and since 2000 Sumgait State University. Since 2014, it has been operating as a Scientific library by the decision of the Scientific Council of SSU on February 28, 2014.
 Its purpose:
a) The scientific library is one of the leading structural units of the higher school, it is a center that provides scientific-methodical literature and information materials the students , and promotes the level of knowledge.
b) In its work, the scientific library is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law on Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the "Law on Library Work", state and government documents, orders, and regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education, and orders of the higher education institution to which it belongs.
Its position:
1) To provide library, information-bibliography service in accordance with the information needs and requests of students, bachelor"s and master "s students , doctoral students, scientific employees, professors and other categories of readers of the university;
2) To form a library fund according to the profile of the university and the information needs of the readers, to switch to new information technology along with the traditional print product, to educate the information culture, and to instill in the readers the ability to use the information-bibliography apparatus of the library and new information technology.
The scientific library of SSU organizes the completion of the book fund according to specialties.
The scientific library helps readers to use the book fund more efficiently, provides professors and lecturers, doctoral students, master"s students and students with textbooks, teaching aids, methodical instructions, magazines and their electronic versions.
The scientific library with a total area of ​​508 m2 has 15 employees.
From 2004 to the present, Amrahova Naila Nagy gizi has been working as the head of the Scientific library.
1. There are 4 departments in the scientific library:
1. Completing and bookbinding department
2. Information-bibliography department
3. Service department (subscription and reading room)
4. Department of fiction
2. Employees of the Scientific library:
Mehriban Husenova- head of department in the assembly and bookbinding department,
Sevinj Aliyeva- librarian;
Ragsana Abdurakhmanova-head of the information and bibliography department,
Nazira Novruzova - librarian
Narmina Iskenderova - senior librarian in the subscription section of the service department
Ulkar Ramazanova - bibliographer
Khatira Aliyeva - chief librarian
Shabiqa Mirzayeva - librarian
Sevinj Mammadova - head of the department
Tahmina Agakishiyeva - librarian in the fiction department
Shahla Rzayeva - librarian in serving readers with an electronic library;
Sevic Jalilova - senior bibliographer in scanning books
Turan Mammadova - librarian
Nabat Hajiyeva - librarian at the library in the 3rd building of the university
3. Fund of the scientific library:
General fund – 154415                  Scientific literature - 33982
Books – 124805                             Educational literature-83502
Methodical instructions- 9281        Fiction-28483
Journals – 20007                           Socio-political literature-8794
Abstract - 1760                               Foreign literature-2654
Master"s dissertations - 1094
Doctoral dissertations - 21             Azerbaijan literature -78266
Electronic discs – 473                    Russian literature – 79149
An electronic library also operates in the scientific library equipped with modern computer equipment and connected to the Internet. An electronic catalog has also been created. The Azerbaijan literature in the scientific library has been placed in the electronic catalog and related work is ongoing. The books are scanned with the scanner provided to the library and placed in the database of the electronic library. Reader cards are also programmed and will be served to readers through the computer. In addition, the electronic version of the textbooks and teaching aids, methodical materials, subject programs, syllabi, doctoral theses, master"s theses, lecture texts sent from the departments are placed on computers and made available to students. 5191 titles of literature are placed in the database of the electronic library. Thus, all this creates good conditions for students to use the Scientific library and the electronic library more efficiently.
Preservation of the book fund is one of the main duties of every library employee.


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