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Chemistry and Biology
The faculty of Chemistry and biology consists of 79 people. 1 of them a corresponding member of ANAS, 4 doctors of sciences, professors, 35 candidates in chem.sciences. docents ,1 senior lecturer Ph.D in chemistry, 2 of them assistants PhD in biology work as well as, 2 senior lecturers PhD in biology,  22  senior lecturers, 10 persons as assistants. 39 employees work as teaching assistants. At present, 4 doctors of sciences, 5 doctoral students and 6 dissertation students are engaged in scientific work at the faculty. Since 2014, the dean of the faculty has been candidate of technical sciences, docent Muradov Mahal Mail oglu. Teaching process at the faculty is carried out in full-time and part-time form. 968 people at the faculty: 908 of them are bachelors (792 full-time and 116 part-time) and 60 are studying at the master"s level. The faculty has 5 departments and 3 scientific research laboratories. Majors at the bachelor"s level: Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Oil and gas engineering, Chemistry teaching, Biology teaching, Biology, Ecological engineering, Ecology, Chemistry and biology teaching, Physical education and pre-service teaching (physical education teaching for girls, Azerbaijani and Russian section).
Specializations at the master"s level: Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Petrochemistry, CHMC chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemistry and technology of basic organic synthesis, Methodology and methods of teaching biology, Methodology and methods of teaching chemistry, Methods of environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources, chemical technology of polymers of   Microbiology, Genetics, Mycology.
Specializations at the doctorate (doctor of philosophy) level: Petrochemistry, Organic chemistry.
The main scientific-research directions of the faculty: 2314.01-Petroleum chemistry - Chemistry and technology of industrially important aromatic amines and phenols obtained on the basis of oil, 2304.01-Research of the preparation and properties of cyclopropane-containing homo- and copolymers, 2306.01-Organic chemistry - Comparative hydrosilylation of alkylphenols with some functional alkenes, 3303.01 - Chemical technology and engineering - Research of the decomposition of natural phosphates in mineral acids with the participation of intensifying components and the granulation of powdered phosphorous fertilizers. Research of the basis of the curriculum in teaching and effective ways of applying it in chemistry training, Assessment and calculation of the environmental impact of harmful substances released from industrial complexes into the hydrosphere and lithosphere, Preliminary observations and analyzes for carrying out experiments, Hypoxia, its light and dark phases on the regulation of physiological functions of the body, External environmental factors with plants 2426.01-Ecology – ecological assessment of gray-brown soils in Sumgait industrial zone. 5801.01 – Theory and methodology of education and  upbringing  in biology classes.


Chemistry and Biology faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
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