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Chemistry and Biology

The staff of Faculty of Chemistry and biology consists of  77 employees: 5 doctors of sciences, professors, 30 candidates of chemical sciences, docents, 1 candidate of technical sciences, docent, 3 PhD in chemistry, assistants, 1 PhD in biology, assistant, 4 PhD in biology senior lecturers, 16 senior lecturers, 16 assistants, 38 technical workers. One of the employees is correspondent member of ANAS. 10 PhD students are engaged in scientific work in the faculty. The dean of the faculty is, docent Muradov Mahal Mail oglu since 2014. 

Education is carried out in full-time and correspondence forms. There are 832 students in Bachelor (714 of them full-time, 53 correspondence) and 65 students in Master degree.
5 departments and 3 Scientific-research laboratories are functioning in the faculty. 
Taught subjects in Bachelor degree:
-Teacher of chemistry
-Chemistry engineering
-Teacher of biology
-Ecological engineering
-Teacher of biology (Russian section)
-Teacher of chemistry and biology
-Physical training and pre-service preparation (teacher of physical training for girls, Azerbaijan and Russian sector)
Master degree:
-Inorganic chemistry
-Organic chemistry
-Physical chemistry
-Analytical chemistry
-PMU chemistry
-Chemistry and technology of main organic synthesis
-Protection methods and restoration of environment
-Teaching methods and methodology of biology
-Plant physiology
-Teaching methods and methodology of chemistry
-Protection methods of environment and efficient use of natural resources (TEMPUS project)
-Engineering protection of environment (TEMPUS project)
-Chemical technology of polymers
Specialties in PhD program:
Main scientific-research directions of the faculty:
-Chemistry, technology and usage fields of organic oxygen and nitrogen compounds obtained on the basis of petroleum
-Synthesis, chemical transformation and application fields of silica organic complex ethers 
-Processing of theoretical bases of decomposition process of natural phosphate in mineral acids in the presence of intensifying components
-Physiological and biochemical research of impact of different ecological factors to biodiversity of nutrient plants
-Obtaining polymer compositions on the basis of polyethylene wastes
-Utilization of organic solid wastes with environmentally friendly methods and obtaining proper copolymers. Activation method of cellulose 
-Synthesis and research of polymers containing biologically active groups 
Departments and scientific-research laboratories of the Faculty of Chemistry and biology:
Petrochemistry and chemical engineering
Chemistry and its teaching methods
Biology and its teaching methods
Civil defense, medical and physical training
“Industrial ecology” SRL
“Environmental monitoring” SRL
“Applied chemistry” SRL
Chemistry and Biology faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20