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Civil Protection and Fire-prevention Office

Civil Defense administration carries out the fulfillment of the requirements of the Civil Defense organization on time and qualitatively in order to prevent and eliminate the results of possible emergency situations that may occur according to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic  " About the Civil Defense" and Resolution No. 193 "About the Providing of Civil Defense" by the Cabinet of Ministers dated 25 September 1998. In the meantime Civil defense is supposed to forecast and prevent emergencies and their consequences on the implementation of preventive measures by Training Head of the Civil Defense to train the coaching staff, management staff, the administrative board of civil defense in case of emergencies (according to Civil Protection plan- annual action plan and a 5-year action plan of complex measures of) in order to inform employees and students creating a system to monitor communications through serene  in the cases of chemical poisoning of the area with radioactive dust, shock wave; to provide  the employees with collective protection shelters, basements against radiation; to organize the  state of readiness of protection devices, gas masks, respiratory protection gear; to ensure  the readiness of emergency medical care group.  Also, it organizes the celebration of March 1 World Civil Defense Day. The headquarters of Civil Defense and Protection from Fire perform these works at our university. Aynur Mammadova Aladdin is the chief executive; Abdullah Amiraslan is Civil Protection engineer, Huseyin Nabiyev Pasha is an engineer of the Civil Defense and Protection from Fire.

Sumgait city,
43rd district, Baku street 1,
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20