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Various clubs have been established in the Student Youth Organization to identify talented students and effectively organize their leisure time.
Art club - to reveal the artistic potential of students and youth within the university, to organize art exhibitions, competitions, trainings, along with education, to develop students' artistic skills. Members of the art club learn the secrets of art and master the art of painting at a high level.
It should be noted that trainings in this area are held every Friday.
As part of the activities of the Intellectual Games Club, the university regularly organizes competitions and tournaments among students in various intellectual formats. During its existence, the Intellectual Games Club has taken its place, continues to develop and expand its scope, guided by the goal of gathering talented students around itself and constantly moving forward as a team. At the same time, the club ensures the participation of students in competitions outside the university.
Book Club - The club is designed for students who are interested in fiction, love to read books and spend their free time productively. The purpose of the club is to bring together book lovers, to give them the opportunity to exchange views and discuss works on local and foreign literature. The club organizes cordial meetings with writers and readers. Regular meetings are held on weekends to discuss selected works.
Sports Club - Student Youth Organization Sports Club operates in order to develop students' sports skills, effectively organize their leisure time and create interest in various sports. The club's activities include football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess, checkers, fencing, badminton, etc. include sports such as. Members of the sports club have always been distinguished by their achievements.
Psychology Club - In March 2020, the Psychology Club was established at the suggestion of students. The purpose of the club is to develop knowledge about the science of psychology by conducting awareness-raising activities among students, discussing various psychological topics. At the same time, round tables are held on topics such as human development, social behavior, personality, body language and mental disorders.
It should be noted that the activities of the club are supported by the teaching staff of the department of Pedagogy and psychology.
Debate Club - Currently, there are "Debate Clubs" in more than 200 educational institutions, as well as in our university since 2019. The club plays a role in developing debate skills by instilling a philosophy of debate among students within the university, as well as increasing the carriers of public speaking culture. A debate is a mutual discussion with at least two sides. Through debate, young people develop persuasion, reasoning, argumentation, research skills, public speaking skills. Our debaters worthily represent Sumgayit State University at the Republican Youth Debate Forum, Baku Youth Debate Forum and other forums.
There are more than 15 types of debates holding in different countries.
However, there are 2 most commonly used types in Azerbaijan:
1. Karl Popper
2. Parliamentary Debate
We must not forget that there is a convincing position in the debate, not a right one.

It should be noted that the Debate in Civil Society Public Union has been operating for 23 years and implemented thousands of projects, trainings and events to educate young people, support their initiatives and support the state youth policy. One of the leading and most popular programs of the Public Union, the "National Debate Program" is a country-level program aimed at the individual development and education of youth and adolescents through debate methodology. Covering 45 districts and large cities of the republic, it includes Baku and 13 regional offices more than 60 debate clubs. So far, more than 50,000 young people have participated and been educated in the activities carried out under the National Debate Program. 

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