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Students Youth Organization
According to Decree № 41 dated February 15, 2005 of Executive Apparatus of President of Azerbaijan Republic, with the order № 89 dated February 28, 2005 of Ministry of Education,constitutive conference of Student Youth Organization was held in SSU on March 29, 2005. The main aim of the organization is to represent and support students’ interests in accordance with the implementation of State Youth policy and ensure their active participation in social, cultural and social-economic life of the Azerbaijan Republic.Today, SSU has created all circumstances for the interests, desires and abilities of students. Modern sports complex, a rich library, an assembly hall, different circles for those who have skills in the field of art are available for students.
The Organization coordinates with state organs, non-governmental and international organizationsfor operational solution of issues related to education and students' problems.
Student Youth Organization is continuing their work done for assisting students in organizing their leisure time effectively,upbringing them with the spirit of statehood and patriotism.
Sumgait, Azerbaijan
43rd block
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20
Fax: +994-18 642-02-70
E-mail: info@sdu.edu.az