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Vice-rector for science and innovation
Abdullayev Elshad Tofig oglu - was born on October 20, 1981 in Bum settlement of Gabala region. In 1998, he graduated from secondary school No. 1 in Gabala city, and in 1998-2002 he received a bachelor"s degree in ‘Chemistry’ from Baku State University. In 2002-2004, he received a master"s degree in ‘Environmental Chemistry’ at Baku State University. In 2003, he started working as a senior laboratory assistant at the Institute of Radiation Problems of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. In 2004-2007, he studied at the graduate school of the Institute of Radiation Problems. He was in military service in 2008. In 2009-2019, he successively worked as junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher and leading researcher at the Institute of Radiation Problems. In 2011, he defended his thesis and received the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, and in 2016, he received the scientific title of associate professor. In 2018 - 2022, he studied part-time doctoral studies for the preparation of a doctor of sciences. In 2019-2023, he worked as the dean of the Pedagogical Faculty at Baku Engineering University, since 2023 he has been the Rector"s advisor at Sumgayit State University, currently Minister of Science and Education Emin Amrullayev 22.12. According to the order No. 3-29/3-1-1529K/2023 dated 2023, he is acting as the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations of SSU.
In total, more than 60 scientific works (including 1 patent and 26 articles) were published. He is the author of the textbook on the subject ‘Chemistry’ for the 10th grade, ‘Nature’ for the 5th and 6th grades of general education schools and the ‘Methodical materials for the teacher’ of these subjects. For his services in the development of education, in 2022 he was awarded the ‘Progress’ medal by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and in 2021 he was awarded the badge ‘Advanced Education Worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan’ by the corresponding order of the Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He is a member of the New Azerbaijan Party, married and has 3 children.
Sumgait city,
43rd district, Baku street 1,
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20