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Doctorate and Master Programms Office

 Postgraduate study section was established in 1992 after Sumgayit branch of Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute - Higher Technical Training School converted to Azerbaijan Industrial Institute. Only in two qualification specialist training was held in postgraduate section.

In Azerbaijan education system master training was established in 1997, after that in 1998 Postgraduate and master section was founded. In 2010 Postgraduate and master section was called Doctorate and master programs office.
In Sumgayit State University, master training was formed according to some documents: “About master degree in multistage higher education system” endorsed by the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision №15 dated 13.02.97, “The structure of requirements set for minimum context and level of master training” by the order of Ministry of Education №235 dated 22.04.97, the decision №59 of Ministry of Education dated 18.06.2011 “About the current situation, problems and solutions in master’s degree”, “The rules of preparation, introduction and defense of master dissertation” approved by Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education’s order №202 dated 20.04.98, “Regulations on Specialized Scientific Boards for defense of master"s thesis” approved by the order of Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education №742 dated 10.11.98, requirements of the decision №348 dated 24.12.2013 about approval of “The rules of credit system forming in bachelor and master’s degrees in high schools”. After getting the status of university in 2000, every year republican conference of masters’ are empowered to our university. In 2001, in the 1st Republican scientific conference of masters 133 people from 8 high schools participated in 6 sections, however in 2017 in the 17th Republican scientific conference more than 1300 undergraduates from 16 high schools took part in 19 sections. 
In 2016/2017 academic year, more than 220 students study in 30 specialties on 53 specializations in master degree.
Education in doctorate is conducted in Doctor of Philosophy and PhD programs. Doctoral education is conducted full-time (apart from production) and part-time (not apart from production).
Doctorate can be at public expense or paid.
In PhD program full-time education is 3 years, part-time is 4 years and through dissertation it is 4 years.
In Doctor of Sciences program full-time education is 4 years, part-time is 5 years, through dissertation it is 5 years.
Right now, more than 50 PhD students in 16 specialties, more than 40 PhD candidates and 7 people (for the name of Doctor of Sciences) in 5 specialties are conducting scientific research.
Assistant professor Sabir Aghakishi oglu Khalilov has been leading the Doctorate and master programs office since 2017. By the order dated November 16, 2012 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic he was awarded with “Honored Teacher” title.
There are 2 workers in the section.
Aybaniz Hakverdi qizi Yagnaliyeva works as chief methodologist. She graduated from Sumgayit Polytechnic technical school in 1987 and from Baku State University in 1997. She is a PhD student on specialty of differential equations.
Operator- Allahverdiyeva Şalala Sudef qızı. 
Experts are prepared in master and doctorate degrees on specialties below:
Master’s Degree
060501 Mathematics
•Mathematical analysis
•Computational mathematics
•Optimization and optimal control
•Mathematical physics
•Differential equations
060105 Mathematics teacher
•Mathematics teaching methods and methodology
060509 Computer sciences
060503 Physics
•Semiconductor physics
•Thermal physics and molecular physics
•Semiconductor devices and microelectronics
•Atomic and molecular physics
060104 Physics teacher
•Physics teaching methods and methodology
060626 Electrical engineering
•Automation and electric drive of industrial installations and technological complexes
060609 Thermal power engineering
•Thermal power stations
060201 Philology
•Azerbaijani literature
•Literary criticism (Turkish literature)
•Literary criticism (European literature)
•Linguistics (English language)
•Azerbaijani language
060101 Azerbaijani language and literature teacher
•Teaching methods and methodology of Azerbaijani language and literature
060504 Chemistry
•Inorganic chemistry
•Organic chemistry
•Physical chemistry
•Analytical chemistry
•High-molecular compounds chemistry
•Composite materials chemistry
060110 Chemistry teacher
•Teaching methods and methodology of chemistry
060641 Chemical engineering
•Chemistry and technology of basic organic synthesis
•Chemical technology of polymers
060505 Biology
060109 Biology teacher
•Teaching methods and methodology of biology
060649 Environmental engineering
•Environmental protection and effective use of natural resources
060206 History
•Ancient and medieval history of Azerbaijan
•Modern and contemporary history of Europe and America
•Modern and contemporary history of Azerbaijan
060111 Teaching of history
•Teaching methods and methodology of history
060210 Sociology
•Sociology of management
060506 Geography
•Physical geography of Azerbaijan
060112 Teaching of geography
•Teaching methods and methodology of geography
060631Computer engineering
•Computer engineering
060632 Information technologies and systemsengineering
•Information systemsin management
•Information systems in management (MBA program)
060628 Process automation engineering
•Automation of technological processes and production 
060647 Metrology, standardization and certification engineering
•Standardization and certification
060404 Economy
•Tourism economy
060407 Management
•Innovation and project management
•Management (for branches)
060409 Business management
•Business administration and management
•Business administration and management (MBA program)
060402 Accounting and auditing
•Accounting and auditing in service sector
•Accounting and auditing in production sector
060401 World economy
•International economic relations
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