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Trade Union Committee
It is clear  that trade unions play an important role in the public life and management of higher education institutions. The Trade Union Committee is a public organization that protects the labor, social, economic rights and legitimate interests of employees and aims to improve the living and working conditions of its members. At Sumgayit State University, the Trade Union Committee of this university was established in 1963  as a training center. Since 1963, SSU has undergone significant changes, both in terms of quantity and quality , the institute has gradually gained the status of a developed university. The University's Trade Union Committee has also developed along with it. It is gratifying that the number of members among the faculty and staff has increased from 35 to 733. Over time, the Students' Trade Union Committee was formed within the Trade Union Committee. The Student Trade Union Committee, which has more than 5,000 members, operates independently.
SSU TUC actively participates in the public life of the university. The university organizes jubilee ceremonies, knowledge days , graduation days, community service, various sports competitions in strengthening discipline, improving the social welfare of employees, the effective conduct of their leisure time, the organization of cultural events. Excursions to the sights of our country, museums and historical places, sacred shrines are organized.
 Every two years, a collective agreement is signed between the rector's office and the Trade Union Committee. This agreement covers issues such as staff training and retraining, labor protection, social welfare and protection of employees' health, and compensation.
In order to effectively organize all this work, the University Trade Union Committee divided the responsibilities among the members of the board and established the following commissions:
- Commission on social and cultural affairs;
- Commission on sports and physical education;
- inspection commission.
At different times, the Trade Union Committee of the university was headed by senior lecturer A.Ahmadov, docent R.Jalilov, docent G.Bayramov, docent T.Guliyev, docent T.Jafarov, docent E.Khalilov. The Trade Union Committee is headed by assoc. prof. Nemat Ibayev from April 25, 2022.
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