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The faculty was founded in 1973 with the establishment of the Faculty of Energy, automation of production processes and mechanics.
It has been operating as the Faculty of Automation and Mechanics since 1992  by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute, a new Faculty of Mechanics was established in 1997 on the basis of the Faculty of Mechanics and Automation. In 2002, the Faculty of Mechanics was transformed into the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and in 2006, due to structural changes in the faculty, the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was transformed into the Faculty of Mathematics.
Currently, the dean of the faculty is  associate professor Hasanova  Khalida Sidgali gizi.
The faculty has 5 professors, 16 associate professors, 10 senior teachers, 13 assistants, 5 senior laboratory assistants, 2 laboratory assistants, 1 laboratory manager, 2 tutors and 1 operator.
At present, 11 phd  students and 7 dissertators are working on the doctoral program, 2 doctoral students and 1 dissertator are working on the doctoral program.
Teaching at the faculty is conducted in a live form. 657 students are studying for bachelor's degree and 41 for master's degree in 6 specialties.
There are 4 departments at the faculty:
- Mathematical analysis and theory of functions
- Differential equations and optimization
- Informatics
- Mathematics and its teaching methods
Specialties at the bachelor's level:
- Mathematics
- Mathematics teaching
- Mathematics and computer science teaching
Specializations at the master's level:
- Mathematical analysis
- Computational mathematics
- Differential equations
- Optimization and optimal management
- Methodology and methodology of teaching mathematics.
- Informatics.
The main research areas of the faculty:
- Problems of application of mathematical analysis
- Spectral theory of operators and inverse problems of spectral analysis
- Research of modeling, optimization and system dynamics of modular dynamic systems
-Research of optimal control issues for collected and distributed parametric systems
- Mathematical modeling and research of thermodynamic wave propagation problems in different viscous-elastic media
- Modeling and management of discrete systems
- Methodology and methodology of teaching mathematics
Mathematics faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20