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Economics and Management
The faculty of Economics and Management was founded in 1996. Teaching at the faculty of Economics and Management is conducted in full-time and part-time form. The faculty consists of 59 professors and lecturers, including 1 doctor of economic sciences, professor, 14 associate professors, 7 doctors of philosophy in economics, 14 senior lecturers, including a 0.5 full-time senior lecturer, 4 assistants, 12 senior laboratory assistants, 3 laboratory assistants and 3 tutors. Currently, the number of undergraduate students is 1096. Of these, 659 people study in the full-time department, 437 people study in the part-time department. 16 people study at the master"s level.
There are 4 departments in the faculty of Economics and Management.
1. Department of Finance and accounting
2. Department of world economy and marketing
3. Department of Business organization and management
4. Department of Economics
Majors at the undergraduate level are:
1. Management
2. Business management
3. Accounting and auditing
4. Accounting
5. Finance
6. World economy
7. Marketing
8. Economy
9. International trade and logistics
10. Organization of tourism work
Teaching is carried out in the following specializations at the master"s level:
1. World economy
Specializing in customs work
Specialization in international economic relations
2. Marketing
Marketing by fields
3. Accounting and auditing
Accounting and auditing specialization in the production sphere
3. Finance
4. Economy
Specializing in the economics of tourism
Specializing in regulation of the economy
5. Management
Innovation and project management specialization
Management (by fields) specialization
Economics and Management faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
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