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Economics and Management
The Faculty of Economics and Management was instituted in 1996. Docent Yahyayeva Aynura Yusif gizi has been leading the Faculty since 2015. Faculty staff consists of 56 persons. 1 professor, 1 PhD in Economy, 14 docents, 19 senior lecturers, 4 lecturers, 12 senior lab. workers, 1 lab.worker and 3 tutors are working in the faculty. 1306 students are studying in Bachelor’s degree. 994 students are enrolled in full-time, 287 students in correspondence sections. 25 students are studying in Master’s degree.
There are 4 departments in the Faculty of Economics and management:
1. Department of Finance and Accounting
2. Department of World economy and Marketing
3. Department of Business administration and Management
4. Department of Economics
Cadre preparation is conducted on following specialties in Bachelor’s degree:
1. Management
2. Business administration
3. Accounting and audit
4. World economy
5. Economy
6. Finance
7. Marketing
Cadre preparation is conducted on following specialties in Master’s degree:
1. World economy.
On specialization in customs
On specialization in international economic relations.
2. Accounting and audit
on specialization in accounting and audit in the manufacturing sector.
3. Business administration
on specialization in Business administration and management (MBA program)
4. Economics
on specialization in tourism economy
on specialization in regulation of economics
5. Management.
Specialization in Innovation and Project Management
Economics and Management faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
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