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Faculty of History and Geography
Faculty of History and geography began functioning as the Department of History-Philology in 2000, then it was faculty of History-Philology in 2001, faculty of History in 2003-2014. It has been called faculty of History and geography since 2014., professor A.B. Bakhshaliyev is leading the department.
6 professors, 19 docents, 23 senior lecturers, 12 lecturers and 15 PhD students and dissertators are engaged in scientific work at the department.
Education is conducted in full-time and in correspondence in the faculty. At present there are 823 students for Bachelor Degree (760 of them – full-time, 53- correspondence), 40 students for Master’s Degree.
The faculty includes 4 departments:
- History of Azerbaijan and Eastern European nations
- History and its teaching methods
- Geography and its teaching methods
- Philosophy, sociology and political science
Majors in Bachelor degree:
- History
- Teaching of History
- Teaching of History and geography
- Teaching of Geography 
- Sociology
- Political science
Majors in Master’s degree:
- Ancient and medieval history of Azerbaijan
- Modern and Contemporary history of Azerbaijan
- Modern and Contemporary history of Europe and America
- Teaching methodology and methods of history
- Management sociology
- Physical geography of Azerbaijan
- Teaching methodology and methods of geography
Main scientific directions of the faculty:
- Investigating actual problems of Azerbaijani history
- Study of the new methods of teaching history
- Modern problems of social philosophy
- Climatic condition of cities and study of its role in anthropogenic contamination of weather
- Economic-social condition of middle cities and study of their regulation methods
- Main priorities of social policy of Azerbaijan Republic
The faculty collaborates with Institutes of History, Geography, Archeology and Ethnography of ANAS, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and several scientific-research centers.
Faculty of History and Geography faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
43rd district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20