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Students Trade Union
Student Trade Union Committee plays an important role in the social life of Sumgayit State University in improvement of students’ social conditions and in protection of their rights.
StudentTrade Union Committee of Sumgayit State University was founded in 1963. The Committee has passed the way of development. In different times the committee was led by E. Khalilov, E. Sadigov, N.Mustafayev.At present N. A. Ibayev functions as the chief of Student Trade Union Committee of SSU.
The number of members has reached 3300 among students. In recent years, there has beena fundamental change in the organization's work.As the University develops day by day, the activity of the Student Trade Union Committee has also been strengthened; the admission of students to the Committee has increased.The union pays special attention to the social problems of students, regularly provides financial assistance and gives a scholarship to students who are active in public affairs and who have excellent academic grades; students from the low-income and martyr familiesare provided with hot meals every single day.
According to work plan, Student Trade Union Committee is doing a lot of work in organization of education, strengthening discipline, running cultural events and assisting the students to use their leisure time effectively. 
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