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Department of Foreign Languages
According to order dated 12.12.2014 of SSU, departments of Foreign language (for humanitarian faculties), Foreign language (for natural and technical faculties) and Russian language were united and called department of Foreign Languages. Professor Isgandarova Nigar Valish gizi has been leading the department since that year.
2 professors, 5 candidates of science docents, 15 senior lecturers and 11 lecturers are working at the department.
Names and positions of the personnel:
1. Isgandarova Nigar Valish gizi –part-time professor, head of the department
2. Mammadov Ramazan Salam oglu -professor, consultant
3. Najafova Shafiga Yusif gizi – docent,
4. Yunusova Shola Asad gizi - docent,
5. Isgandarova Konul Yashar gizi – senior lecturer,
6. Behbudova Esmira Shafa gizi – part-time senior lecturer, PhD in philology
7. Jahangirova Goyarchin Valyaddin gizi – senior lecturer
8. Karimova Dilara Abuzar gizi – senior lecturer
9. Safarova Sevda Gabil gizi– senior lecturer
10. Sadraddinova Tahira Nariman gizi– senior lecturer
11. Khalilova Saadat Ikhtiyar gizi– senior lecturer
12. Ahmadova Zeynab Gasim gizi– senior lecturer
13. Guliyeva Tarana Alasgar gizi– senior lecturer
14. Hidayatova Mirvari Soltan gizi– senior lecturer
15. Musayeva Amina Tabagul gizi– senior lecturer
16. Abbasova Natavan Bakir gizi– senior lecturer
17. Abdullayev Alik Nariman oglu– part-time senior lecturer
18. Mammadova Arzu Edil gizi – lecturer
19. Yahyayeva Kamala Yahya gizi– senior lecturer
20. Yusibova Khatira Sharif gizi– senior lecturer
21. Mammad Ilhama Avtandil gizi– senior lecturer
22. Mammadova Zhala Eldar gizi – part-time senior lecturer
23. Ibrahimov Rufat Mammad oglu– lecturer
24. Bunyatova Aytan Bakhtiyar gizi– lecturer
25. Valiyeva Sevil Vazirkhan gizi– lecturer
26. Valiyeva Hagigat Shamkhal gizi– lecturer
27. Khanlarova Aynura Shohrat gizi– lecturer
28. Valiyeva Gunel Ismail gizi – part-time lecturer
29. Heydarova Lamia Ali gizi–lecturer
30. Rzayeva Samira Murtuza gizi – lecturer
31. Gojayeva Laman Shahmar gizi– lecturer
32. Murtuzayeva Gunay Mahbub gizi – lecturer
33. Piguliyeva Yagut Elshen gizi – part-time lecturer
7 dissertation students, 4 PhD students are engaged in scientific work at the department.
Taught subjects:
Bachelor’s degree:
In all professions
Business and academic communication in a foreign language (English, Russian)
Specialization of foreign language (English, Russian) (History and Political Science major)
050121 – in the specialty of Foreign language teaching
Communicative grammar of a foreign language (English)
Communicative phonetics of a foreign language (English)
Foreign language skills (English)
Foreign language teaching methodology (English language)
Lexicology of the language of a foreign language (English)
Basics of foreign language curriculum in secondary schools
Methodology of English language teaching in primary school
Stylistics of a foreign language (English)
Foreign country literature (England)
Country Studies (Great Britain, USA)
Fundamentals of translation
Introduction to Linguistics (English)
Elective subjects
• History of the English language
• Methodology and teaching of English language in primary school
• Principles of reading periodical literature in English
• Teaching of additional reading in secondary school
• Theory and practice of translation
• Fundamentals of the general education curriculum
• Formation of English language and literature in the Middle ages
• Grammar of history of English language
• Azerbaijani culture in English-language sources
• History of lexicography and word formation in English
• Linguistic aspects in teaching English
• Development of mobile and electronic resources in e-learning of English
• Modern English language and speech culture
• Oriental theme in US literature
• Transformation of phraseological units in languages with different systems
060121 - Linguistics (English) at the Master's level
Modern problems of linguistics
History and methodology of linguistics
Phonetics and phonology (English)
The lexical-semantic system of the specialized language (English)
Text discourse
Stylistics of the specialized language (English)
Phraseology of the specialized language (English)
Basics of pragmatics
The subject of linguistics
Language and society
Problems of translation
Research methods
Foreign language (Russian)
Scientific directions of the department:
Comparative and historical-typological linguistics
World literature
Recent publications of the department:
4 monographs, 5 textbooks, 530 articles and theses, 20 subject programs were published in the republic and prestigious journals of foreign countries. Among them, the publications of recent years: prof. N.V. Isganderova ‘Oriental theme in American literature of the 18th-19th centuries’ (in Russian) / N. Isgandarova. - LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, - 2017. -320 p.; Isgandarova N., Karimova D., Ahmadova Z., Khalilova S., Yahyayeva K. English-Azerbaijani-Russian Comprehensive Phraseological Dictionary (teaching material) for high school students. Sumgait, - 2022. - 281 p.; Isgandarova K.Y. Stylistics: A Learner Reference Book/ K. Isgandarova Sumgait, - 2023. -167p.; Isgandarova N.V. A History of the English Language/ N. Isgandarova, - Sumgait, - 2024. – 216 p.
The personnel of the department collaborate with Institute of Linguistics of ANAS named after Nasimi, Baku State University, Baku Slavic University, Baku Business University, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of SSU:
Mammadov Ramazan Salam oglu – ‘Advanced education employee’ badge of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic; 2012
On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of SSU:
Mammadov Ramazan Salam oglu - By the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the title of ‘Honored teacher’, 2017
Isgandarova Nigar Valish gizi – ‘Taraggi’ medal by order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2017
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of SSU:
1. Najafova Shafiga Yusif gizi - doc., cand. of phil. sciences - ‘Advanced education worker’ badge by the Ministry of Science and Education, 2022
2. For their effective scientific-pedagogical activity, active participation in the public life of the university, and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the university, a group of lecturers was awarded the Honorary diplomas of the rector of SSU and the Sumgait City Executive Power.

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