On October 20, the Heydar Aliyev School of Sumgayit State University hosted the next online training on "The role of Heydar Aliyev in the formation of independent energy system of Azerbaijan."
The training was scheduled to start at 15:00. In connection with the address of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to the people by the Azerbaijan State Television, the participants of the training listened to the address of our President to the people in online format. In the appeal, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief noted that the heroic Azerbaijani Army liberated the city of Zangilan and 24 other villages from occupation! The news of this victory was greeted with applause by the participants.
Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on this occasion. He noted that the glorious victories of the Azerbaijani Army, which prevented another military provocation by Armenia, cause deep joy in the country"s public. The Azerbaijani flag was once again waved in Zangilan. Our people were looking forward to this day. The beginning of the Patriotic War for the freedom of our lands also showed the solidarity of the Azerbaijani people, as well as the fact that everyone, regardless of their political views, is closely united around the President of Azerbaijan. The rector also noted that the faculty and students of the university support the policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev to liberate our lands from Armenian occupation, and are proud of the heroism of the brave sons of our people.
Then the rector spoke about the invaluable services of national leader Heydar Aliyev in the formation of an independent energy system in our country. He noted that the period of rapid development of the Azerbaijani electricity system began in the year when the great leader was elected head of the republic, and an independent energy system was formed in Azerbaijan, and the energy security of our state was ensured. After the arrival of national leader Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan in 1969, urgent measures were taken to ensure the rapid development of the electricity system, one of the most important areas of socio-economic life of the republic, and many large-scale projects were implemented. Today, the great creative work carried out by the national leader Heydar Aliyev in the field of electricity, which has made an exceptional contribution to strengthening the economy, continues on a new scale. The modern state of Azerbaijan, built on a solid foundation by the great leader, is strengthening its prestige in the international arena thanks to the strategic line pursued by President Ilham Aliyev, a worthy successor of the great leader. The country"s electricity system and energy production infrastructure have been reconstructed, the main power lines connecting the country and the country with foreign countries have been renewed, and dozens of large and small power plants have been built in cities and regions. The creation of new generation forces is a manifestation of our common development. Undoubtedly, the construction of the Gobu power substation will be successful and will be fully operational by 2022. This is a very important step towards strengthening our energy potential.
Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Electroenergetics, associate professor, Honored Teacher Tamella Ahmadova, speaking on "The role of Heydar Aliyev in the formation of an independent energy system of Azerbaijan," said that that under the direct initiative and leadership of national leader Heydar Aliyev, projects aimed at meeting the needs of the republic in electricity at the expense of local resources have been launched since the early 1970s. During this period, the construction and commissioning of new power plants, high-voltage transmission lines and substations was an important step in increasing the industrial potential of the republic.
The first power unit of the Azerbaijan TPP was put into operation on October 20, 1981 at the initiative and under the direct leadership of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, this great event laid the foundation for a new stage in the development of Azerbaijan"s energy.
Head of the Department of Finance and Accounting, associate professor Loghman Abdullayev spoke on "Heydar Aliyev"s energy strategy in the development of the Azerbaijani economy." He noted that the dynamic development of the country"s economy and its social life, both in the 70s and 80s of the last century and during independence, is associated with many important factors, including the electricity system. The strategic line aimed at establishing mutually beneficial relations with the world"s leading countries has enabled foreign investment in the electricity system, which is still being used to increase the efficiency of Azerbaijan"s existing energy system, rebuild the power sector and create new forces.
Head of the Department of Electrotecnics and Energetics, associate professor Nadir Hajibalayev spoke in detail on "The role of Ilham Aliyev in modernizing the energy system", Nuriya Huseynova, a second-year student of the Faculty of Economics, spoke on "Development of energy in the Republic of Azerbaijan under President Ilham Aliyev." They noted that the power sector of our country is experiencing a period of growth with the projects implemented by President Ilham Aliyev. As a result of successful reforms implemented by President Ilham Aliyev, the country"s electricity sector has developed at a high level, and today we have such a stable and reliable supply of electricity in the most remote, difficult-to-reach areas. As a result of these successes, Azerbaijan ranks second in the world in terms of electricity availability. Of course, this is the result of Mr. Ilham Aliyev"s great care for the electricity sector and the successful reforms he has implemented.
The speakers also noted that the country"s power engineers, as always, will continue to work hard to strengthen the energy security of our state, further improve the welfare of our people and the realization of the ideas of the great leader Heydar Aliyev.
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