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Azerbaijani teachers of the Irevan Teachers' Seminary and the subjects they teach
The opening of the Irrevan Teachers' Seminary on November 8, 1881 had a positive effect on the formation of a new type of social and pedagogical environment in the city. Along with representatives of different nationalities, Azerbaijanis also studied here. The establishment of the Irevan Teachers' Seminary and Gymnasium had a significant impact on the expansion of enlightenment in the South Caucasus. The graduates of the seminary have made an important contribution not only to the spread of the new enlightenment movement in Irevan, but also to the whole Caucasus, including Tbilisi, and the formation of socio-humanitarian thought. Mammadbagir Gazizadeh was the first prominent Azerbaijani teacher to teach at the Irevan Teachers' Seminary. From the day the seminary opened until 1897, he taught theology and Tatar (Azerbaijani) here, and from 1897 to 1917 only theology. Mirza Rahim Khalilov had been teaching Tatar (Azerbaijani) at the seminary since 1892. M.R.Khalilov was appointed to this position on the recommendation of his teacher Akhund Mammadbagir Gazizade. Akhund Mammadbagir Gazizadeh had a special role in training teachers for Azerbaijani schools at the seminary. Akhund Mammadbagir Kazimzade, Mirza Mammadvali Gamarli, Rashid bey Shahtakhtinski, Hamid bey Shahtakhtinski, Jafar bey Jafarbeyov, Mammad Akhundov, Akhund Mammadbagir Tagizade, Mirza Jabbar Mahammadzade taught sharia or  the subject of tatar language  (Azerbaijani language) at the seminary at different times.
In 1904, Rashid bey Shakhtakhtinski and in 1907, Hamid bey Shakhtakhtinski taught tatar language (in the Azerbaijani language) at the Irevan Teachers' Seminary. After Hamid Bey was released from the Irevan Teachers' Seminary on October 23, 1907, Mirza Jabbar Mammadzadeh taught tatar  (Azerbaijani) . Until January 19, 1913, Mirza Jabbar Mammadzadeh worked as a tatar language  (Azerbaijani) teacher at the Irevan Teachers' Seminary. The Irevan Teachers' Seminary was moved to Sardarabad (now Armavir) in 1915 and operated there until 1918. At that time, the seminary was headed by V. Dubrovin. There were 9 subject teachers, 3 theology teachers and 1 doctor in the seminary. Akhund Mammadbagir Gazizade taught sharia at the seminary.
The report on the situation of the Irevan Teachers' Seminary in 1895 shows that 123 people graduated from the seminary the period  between the  first graduation in 1884 and its graduation in 1895. 25 of them were Azerbaijanis, the rest were representatives of other countries. It is clear from the report written in 1918 by the director of the Irevan Teachers' Seminary V. Dubrovin in the 1915-1916 academic year 19 people graduated from the seminary, in the 1916-1917 academic year 22 people, and in the last academic year 1917-1918  23  azerbaijanis. In general, 316 people graduated from the seminary in 3 years, 64 of them  were Azerbaijanis and two of them  were Turkish.
The ethnic cleansing committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis in 1918 led to the closure of the seminary. Some teachers and students were brutally killed, and the survivors fled their homes and went to Turkey and Azerbaijan. 
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