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Education Office
Teaching Methodical Center is one of the main structural sections and deals with the problems of forming, planning and managing of the teaching and methodological work of the high-level teachers, engineer-pedagogical personnel and economists.
The Teaching Methodical Center is based on The Law of Azerbaijan Republic about the Education, Exemplary Charter of Higher Education Institution, the State strategy of the Development of education in Azerbaijan, the rules of credit system and Formation of teaching in Bologna and Master Degree, the main strategic directions in the development of education in SSU, rules, processes, procedures, regulations of internal discipline in the regulating of the teaching process in High-schools, orders and  instructions of the rector of SSU, the decisions of the Scientific Council of the University. 
The director of the Teaching methodical center is associate-professor Isabal Qurbanov.
The main goal of TMC:
To perform the requirementsof "State Strategy on Development of Education in Azerbaijan" signed by the president of Azerbaijan, duties in time and in correct way, to integrate to the European education system.
The duties of the center:
-Control over forming and managing the process of teaching according to the State Education standards;
-Control over teaching-methodical, didactic and information materials;
-Control over books, lesson materials and foreign books and materials 
-Control and confirmation of calculation of the teaching load;
-Control and confirm of preparing the teaching programs and syllabuses;
-Control over the division of the time tables according to the effective auditorium fund;
-Control over the preparation of teaching-methodical, statistic information;
-Control over the quality and attendance to the classes;
-Control on the holding teaching and practical practice inside and outside of the University;
-The generalization and spreading of the advanced experiments of the teaching and methodical works;
-To coordinate the action of the departments, faculties and other sections in the preparation of specialists;
-The preparation the plan of the student admission;
-The organization of the commission for studying the students’ socio-economic condition;
-Control over examining the students’ knowledge in written, test and internet forms;
-To regulate the students’ teaching-methodical action and preparation of orders about it;
-The approval of the theme of the graduation works and the scientific leaders;
-The definition of the State Final Attestation Commission according to the faculties;
-Specifying the chairmen for the State Final Attestation Commission according to all the professions and presenting them for approval to the Ministry of Education; 
-The preparation and approval of all the documents and examples for the Final Attestation Commission;
-Control and approval of the schedule of the Final Attestation Commission;
-The preparation of schedule for issuance of diplomas;                                           
-Control over preparation of academic references, diplomas and appendix to the diplomas;
-Collect and analyze the chairmen’s reports;
-Control over preparation of information stands at the departments and faculties;
-Control over assessment of the students’ knowledge;
-The preparation of the documents for archives;
-Control over the use of the teaching rooms in the faculties;
-Organizing the summer semester;
Teaching section:
-checks and analyses the teaching programs according to the state teaching standards, checks the correspondence of the teaching subjects;
-controls over the compiling the examination schedule according to the full-time and correspondence education;
-controls over the implementation of the teaching load of the professor -teaching staff, analyses the reason of indefiniteness between planned and actual teaching load;
-organizes control of the labor discipline of professor-teacher and teaching- assistant staff;
-controls over the documents to be submitted to the commission during the students transfer and restoration;
-controls over the condition of the auditorium and effective use of them;
-provides all the effective teaching documents for organizing the teaching process and reports;
-controls over the use and keeping the teaching document in the departments and dean offices;
-organizes all kind of practice within the Career center, departments and faculties and controls over to submit the practice reports in time;
-controls over the calculating the teaching load and distribute them to relevant departments;
-prepares final reports analyzing the reports from dean offices;                                
-prepares the teaching process at the university and controls over it;
-controls over the preparation of the common timetables;
-controls over the effective division of the timetables into teaching auditoriums and use of them;
-controls over the compiling the examination schedule according to the semesters;
-controls over the implementation of the orders and instructions of the administration of the university;
-informs the administration of the university about the teaching process;
-prepares the documents about the hourly teachers;
At present, Shirinov Faig is leading the section.
Methodical Section:
-implements control of methodical works in all sorts of training forms in faculties and departments;
-gives advice to faculties and departments in the development of curricula on specialties and specializations;
-assists with preparation and publication  of training- methodical documentations, training and methodical aids on disciplines with the specialties;
-controls provision of training process with the textbooks, manuals and literature of foreign countries in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standards;
-controls provisionof educational process with the material and technical supply in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standards;
-prepares the documents necessary for licensing of the university and state accreditation with the departments;
-supervises conformity of syllabuses with the state educational standards;
-organizes teachers’ thematic, training-methodical conferences and seminars on modern educational technologies;
-controls implementation of new information technologies in the process of training;
-is responsible for the planning of training-methodological issues;
-prepares projects, methodical materials, instructions and other documents on different directions of methodical work;
- includes the information periodically to the electronic database within the framework of its powers;
Assessment and Quality Control Section:
The purpose of assessing the quality of education at Sumgayit State University is analyzing the implementation of legislation in the field of education, compatibility with the social principles, detection and identification of factors affecting the quality of education and to obtain objective information about students training.
Assessing the quality of education system at SSU is directed to theimplementation of the following issues:
-information provision of the process of making decisions based on improving the quality of education;
-takes measures to improve the efficiency and the quality of educational activities of the university;
-provides all participants of the educational process and public with full information about the quality of education;
-takes measures to improve the management system of educational activities on the basis of monitoring of educational quality;
-controls identification of factors affecting the quality of education;
-creates the methodology of the particular selection for teaching quality control;
-introduction of modern methods of high quality education, training and evaluation and preparation of self-assessment indicators for the accreditation;
-distributes the compiled information-survey booklets to the students;
-coordination of assessment policy;
-preparation of control methods to the educational quality;
-organization of seminars and trainings related to the issues educational quality;
-participates in determining ratings of higher education institutions;
-development and use of indicators governing the educational quality;
-preparation of assessment of the educational quality, assessment tools and criteria;
-implementation of methodical conferences and seminars on issues related to the management of the educational quality and implementation of teachers’ and staff`s qualification courses, preparation of methodical recommendations;
-establishment of information basis on students’ registration and quality control;
Assoc. prof. Khalil Aliyev is carrying out the head post of the Assessment and Quality Control Section.
The department of statistics and registration information 
-organizing electronic information base surrounding all faculties students of university;
-providing to add information under the code for every students. Name, surname, father’s name, name of faculty, specialty, course, attendance and other education factors are reflected in the information;
-controlling to add information about student attendance to base by the tutors of faculties;
-providing to add information about students’ scores on specialties before exams;
-students participating repeatedly at the lesson according to the academic credits and providing to include selected subjects to base;
-to keep under the control registration of selected subjects process for the next academic year;
-analyzing the results of register and offering subjects groups for teaching subjects;
 -responsible for fulfilling the sequence of subjects in academic program;
-before the academic year on all specialties applicants admitted to university get the applications from deans office and after the coinciding with the protocols of SCOSE then the orders are prepared;
-realizing the process of winter and summer exams sessions, orders of administrations refer to educational affairs, preparing orders, sealing cards and sheets, collecting exams tables on faculties, preparing key lists of daily written exams and presenting to vice rectors, sealing and registering all applications; 
-controlling the motion of student contingent on all educational forms;
-preparing annual statistics calculation and term calculation from 3 month, realizing to note the student’s “motions” in order book;
-reporting about student’s motions in the beginning of every year and July;
-preparing annual report about student’s motion to the Ministry of Education and Statistics Committee at the end of October of every year;
-collecting reports about the results of sessions and abolishing academic credits;
-organizing the graphic of presenting diplomas;
-controlling academic applications, diplomas and additions to diplomas;
-organizing to give the documents to archive;
-preparing blanks used in education process;
-realizing the process of rolling information-request booklet among the students;
-getting information from the departments and deans offices;
-participating in normative – law base of educational process;
-controlling and registering all documents from getting general department and faculties and sending letters;
-controlling and sharing teaching loads for new academic year, accepting the documents of over-time teachers;
-preparing the documents of excluded students, academic vacations, changing surnames, giving an official reprimands, duplication of student cards and estimating booklets, diploma defenses, passing courses, giving grants, restoration of excluded students.
Director of the department of statistics and registration information is Aybeniz Nuraddinova.
43rd district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20