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Accounting Office
 Accounting Office of Sumgayit State University is carrying out its activity on the basis of “Accounting records about enterprises and institutions" Law for financing budget organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Accounting office applies the most modern methods and achieves very good results in the calculation and payment of salary for professor –teaching staff, administrative management personnel and stipends for students. They control implementing cost estimate, calculation and saving money between institutions, and implementation of the commitments and other financial issues. Cost estimate of scientific - research laboratories and other extra budgetary funds accounting are carrying out by this office on the basis of integrated balance due to the “Data of costs plan and its implementation in the enterprises and institutions that are financed from the budget”. Currently, accounting is carried out on the basis of the order № 1-05 dated January 13, 2009 of Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic on “National accounting standards for budget organizations”. Accounting also gives its contribution to the effective application of new financed mechanisms in the universities according to economic mechanisms in the country, as well as, the decree № 220 dated February 10, 2010 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic and decision №. 120 dated June 25, 2010 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, along with other bodies, in higher educational institutions of Azerbaijan Republic.
All financial issues are arranged in financial programs in 10 (ten) computers. The staff of the office consists of 9 employees. 
Chief accountant - Abdullayev Shahmar Hasan always conducts accounting, reports and controls implementation of cost estimate and the flow of private funding.
Senior economist - Rzayev Revan Elshad is responsible for all statistical reports and economic issues.  
Senior accountant - Rustamov Rovshan Jafar is responsible for accounting and computing of materials, equipment, and keeping records of transactions with inventory management organizations.
Senior accountant - Rzali Zamina Adil is responsible for salary calculating.
Senior accountant - Valiyeva Lala Ingilab is working on benefits and bank transfers of financial documents.  
Senior accountant - Mammadova Esmira Mazahir keeps records of students’ tuition fee, and prepares reports regarding these issues.
Accountant Shirinli Leyla Faig gizi helps to keep a record of students studying on a paid basis and make-calculate.
Accountant - Bukhsayeva Esmira Mirzakhan is carrying out student scholarships, hourly salaries and preparation of letters to organizations for obtaining purchase cards.
Salary, scholar and other payments of the SSU’s staff are transferred to their plastic cards.
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20