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Department of Literature of Azerbaijan and foreign countries
The Department of Literature of Azerbaijan and Foreign Countries was established in June 2001 on the basis of the Department of Humanities. At that time, as the head of the department, Vagif Allahverdiyev worked. In 2003, it was named the chair of Modern Azerbaijani literature and Ragub Shahmar oghlu Karimov, then Yusif Yusubali oglu Aslanov headed the department. Since 2005, the department operating under the name ‘Azerbaijani literature’ has been headed by associate professor Avtandil Israfil oglu Mammadov.
According to the decision of the meeting of the Scientific Council of SSU dated 28.02.2009 (protocol No. 6), the chair of Azerbaijani literature was merged with the chair of literature of foreign countries and was named the chair of literature of Azerbaijan and foreign countries. Currently, as the head of the department, prof. A.I. Mammadov works.
The teaching staff of the department uses modern technology in the teaching process, and regularly tries to improve the quality of education by teaching lectures and seminars in electronic form using ‘smart boards’, projectors.
​Currently, the department employs 2 professors, 6 associate professors (one of them is a doctor of sciences), 5 senior teachers (three of them are a doctor of philosophy), 5 teachers (two of them are a doctor of philosophy). The teaching staff consists of 2 people.
Names and duties of department employees:
Mammadov Avtandil Israfil oglu - kaf.m. professor
Huseynova Arzu Huseyn gizi - associate professor, doctor of philosophy on philology
Jumanov Dayanat Almaz oglu - associate professor
Hamzayeva Sevinj Sayyad gizi - associate professor
Mammadova Tore Kamal gizi - associate professor
Valiyeva Ilaha Khaleddin gizi - associate professor
Mammadova Samira Khagani gizi - associate professor
Aliyeva Afiga Ali gizi - doctor of philosophy on philology,senior teacher
Rafiyeva Afat Ilyas gizi - doctor of philosophy on philology, senior teacher
Zeynallı Gunel Fazil gizi - doctor of philosophy on philology, teacher
Jabarova Medina Aghakarim gizi - doctor of philosophy on philology, teacher
Dadashov Ilham Minajet oglu - senior teacher
Ismayilova Afsane Shamseddin gizi - teacher
Aliyev Rafik Yusif oglu – part-time. prof.
Gurbanov Nail Mahabbat oglu- part-time.
Mammadova Elnara Elkhan gizi – part-time. doctor of philosophy on philology, senior teacher
Ahmedov Gara Huseyn oglu – part-time. Senior teacher
Iskanderov Balakishi Atakishi oglu – part-time teacher
Hashimova Elmira Mail gizi- senior laboratory assistant
Naghizade Sakina Elmar gizi - senior laboratory assistant
Staff training for all three levels of education is carried out in the department. At the moment, 1 dissertation candidate in the department is conducting scientific-research work in the direction of the Doctor of Sciences program on the specialty of Azerbaijani literature. In the last five years, 8 people from the staff of the department, including dissertation and doctoral students, have defended their dissertations, and 1 has defended their dissertations.
Subjects taught at the department:
At the undergraduate level of education
1.Azerbaijani oral folk literature
2. Oral folk literature
3. History of Azerbaijani literature (stages from ancient times to modern times)
4. World literature (stages from antiquity to modern times)
5. Mythology
6. Modern literary process and literary criticism
7. Literature of Turkic peoples
8. Introduction to literary studies
9. Literary theory
10. Sufi literature
11. History of the country's literature
12. Azerbaijani epics
13. All-Turkish epics
14. Emigration literature
15. Children's literature
16. Divan literature
17. Children's folklore
18. Modern children's poetry
19. Fairy tale genre in written literature
20. Literature teaching methodology
21. Actual problems of literature teaching methodology
22. Technology and its teaching methodology
23. Fine art and its teaching methodology
24. Fine art and its teaching methodology
25. ‘Molla Nasreddin’ literary school
​On the master's level of education
Azerbaijan literature specialization
1. Stages of Azerbaijani literary criticism
2. Azerbaijani satirical literature
3. Weights in Azerbaijani poetry
4. Azerbaijani renaissance literature
5. Azerbaijani Sufism literature
6. South Azerbaijani literature
7. History and methodology of Azerbaijani literary studies
8. Romantic literature
9. All-Turkish literature
10. Azerbaijani mythology
11. Azerbaijani love stories
12. Contemporary problems of Azerbaijani literary studies
13. Modern Azerbaijani dramaturgy
14. Research methods
Specialization in literature (literature of European countries).
1. Literary relations
2. Lyrical poetry in European literature (East-West)
3. Fairy tale genre in European written literature
4. Genres of ancient world literature
5. Eastern issues in the Western literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
6. History and methodology of European literary studies
7. Contemporary problems of European literary studies
8. Literary trends in the literature of European countries
9. The newest period of literature of European countries – Postmodernism
10. Problems of artistic translation
11. European epics
12. Literary process in Western Europe at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century
13. Aruz rhythm
14. Research methods
15. Faculty of History – Folklore
Scientific direction of the department (code and name) and name of scientific work: 5716.01 - Uniqueness of development characteristics and historical-cultural dynamics of Azerbaijani literature. Scientific-theoretical meetings in the history of Azerbaijani literary-aesthetic thought. New creative directions. Folklore and written literature
In 2018, the department held an international conference on ‘The role of fiction in intercultural dialogue’. Employees of the department regularly participate in international scientific symposia and conferences held in foreign countries and in the republic, as well as in republic conferences.
In recent years, more than 120 scientific articles and theses, including 18 scientific articles (2 of them with impact factor) have been published in foreign journals.
Also, in recent years, one of the employees of the department, prof. Avtandil Mammadov's ‘Mythology’, ‘Azerbaijan Mythology’ textbooks (jointly with associate professor Dayanat Jumanov), ‘Literary Theory’ by prof.Muhammedali Mustafayev, ‘Musical world of Nizami’ by Afag Ganiyeva, ‘Research methods’ by Tore Mammadova, doctor of science in philology, senior teacher. Ilaha Valiyeva's ‘Azerbaijani renaissance literature’, teaching materials ‘World literature’ by Sevinc Hamzayeva, doctor of science in philology, senior teacher. Rovshan Mammadov's methodological textbook ‘Literary trends in the literature of European countries (jointly with associate professor O. Hajiyev), associate professor Arzu Huseynova's ‘Subject of a divided homeland in 20th century Azerbaijani literature, senior lab assistant. S. E. Naghizade's monographs entitled ‘Ashraf Veysalli's poetic world’ were published.
So far, more than 80 students have received a master's degree in Azerbaijani literature and literary studies (literature of Turkic peoples), literary studies (literature of European countries). There are 10 Turkish citizens among them. At the moment, 2 graduate students are studying Azerbaijani literature at the department.
A. Aghbaba won the ‘Best textbook’ nomination held at SSU for his textbook ‘Mythology’ and was awarded the corresponding diploma and cash prize.
Employees of the department actively participate in the scientific and educational, social and cultural life of the university, as well as our republic. S.S. Hamzayeva is a member of the FD 2.24 Dissertation Council established under the SSU to discuss PhD theses in philology. T.K. Mammadova, scientific secretary of this council's scientific seminar on the specialty 5716.01 - Azerbaijani literature, prof. R. Y. Aliyev, A.H. Huseynova, S.Kh. Mammadova were members. Prof. R. Y. Aliyev has been a member of the Dissertation Council at the Institute of Literature named after N. Ganjavi of ANAS for many years. Currently, he is a member of the Dissertation Council at the Institute of Folklore of ANAS. Prof. A.I. Mammadov was a member of one-time Dissertation Councils established under the Institute of Folklore and Oriental Studies named after Z. Bunyadov of ANAS.
In the last five years, 1 person from the staff of the department has a doctor of sciences, 3 people from the dissertation and doctoral students have defended their doctoral dissertations, and 2 people have received the certificate of associate professor. 3 people are about to defend their doctoral dissertations in the field of Azerbaijani literature. Doctor of Philosophy in Philology Rovshan Mammadov has been working as an associate professor at Bulent Ecevit University for almost four years within the framework of the ‘Movlana’ exchange program. R. Mammadov represents Azerbaijani literature in Turkiye. His textbook ‘Azerbaijani children's literature from the beginning to the present day’ (co-authored with associate professor Gul Banu Duman) was published in Turkiye.
2 senior laboratory assistants of the department are doctoral students of the Institute of Manuscripts named after M. Fuzuli.
Teaching Azerbaijani language and literature at the department; Azerbaijani language and literature, Preschool education; Bachelor's training in elementary school teaching, foreign language teaching and other specialties; Azerbaijani literature, Literary studies
(Literature of European countries) programs of subjects taught at master's training levels for specializations have been prepared and published.
The department maintains scientific relations with Baku State University, Institute of Folklore of ANAS, Institute of Manuscripts named after Fuzuli of ANAS, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.
Sumgait city,
43rd district, Baku street 1,
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20