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Differential Equations and Optimization
The department has been functioning since 2001. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences professor  Fikrat Feyziyev  Gulali  oglu  has been leading the department since 2005.
2 professors, 3 docents, 2 candidates of sciences, 2 PhD in mathematics, 3 senior lecturers and 1 lecturer are working at the department.
Staff  of the department:
1. F.G.Feyziyev – professor, doctor of mathematical and physical sciences
2. H.H.Aliyeva – PhD in mathematics, docent
3. L.M.Ramazanova–senior lecturer
4. Kh.I.Seyfullayeva – PhD in mathematics, senior lecturer
5. V.N.Nasibzade - PhD in mathematics
6. S.G.Talibov- candidate of mathematical and physical sciences, part-time docent
7. T.S.Hajiyev – professor, doctor of mathematical and physical sciences
8. I.G. Mammadov- docent,candidate of mathematical and physical sciences
9. N.I.Hasanli –  assistant
Staff of the teaching assistant
1. A.A.Khalilova –lab.assist.
2. I.I.Safarli –lab.assist.
Taught subjects:
Bachelor’s degree:
For specialty of Mathematics:
1. Algebra and numbers theory
2. Additional chapters of algebra
3. Discrete mathematics
4. Differential equations
5. Differential equations with inclined argument
6. Variation account and optimization methods
7. Mathematical physics equations
8. Mathematical theory of optimal control
9. Special differential equations of the form I
For specialty of Mathematics teaching:
2. Discrete mathematics
3. Ordinary differential equations
4. Variation account and optimization methods
5. Mathematical physics equations
6. Additional chapters of algebra
For specialties of teaching Mathematics and Informatics
1. Algebra
2. Additional chapters of algebra
3. Discrete mathematics and logical elements
4. Ordinary differential equations
5. Equations of mathematical physics
6. Calculus of variations and optimization methods
For speciality in Computer science teaching
1. Algebra
For specialty of Physics
1. Higher algebra
For specialty of Physics teaching
1. Differential equations
For specialty of Energetics engineering:
1. Differential equations
For speciality of Electrical and electronics engineering
1. Applied mathematics
For specialty Chemical engineering
1. Applied mathematics
 For speciality of Computer engineering:
1. Discrete mathematics
2. Differential equations
For speciality of Information technologies:
1. Differential equations
2. Discrete mathematics
For speciality of Process automation:
1. Applied mathematics
 For speciality of Mechanical engineering:
1. Applied mathematics
 For speciality of engineering of Logistics and transport technologies:
1. Applied mathematics
 For speciality of Oil and gas engineering:
1. Differential equations
Master’s degree:
060501 –Specialty of Mathematics, specialization of Differential equations:
1. Modern problems of mathematics (differential equations)
2. Differential equations theory with inclined argument
3. Special derivative equations for Koshi and border problems
4. History and methodology of mathematics (of Differential equations)
5. Differential-difference equations
6. Quality theory of differential equations
7. Inverse problems of mathematical physics
8. Spectral theory of differential equations
9. Operation calculation  and its application in solution of differential equations
10. Mathematical problems of management theory
11. Theory of functional differential equations
12. Research methods
For the specialty of Ecological engineering
1.Applied mathematics
060501 – Specialty of Mathematics, specialization of Optimization and Optimal control:
1. Modern problems of mathematics (Optimization and optimal control)
2. Mathematical programming
3. Numerical methods of optimal control problems
4. History and methodology of mathematics (Optimization and optimal control)
5. Variation account
6. Problems of optimal control of discrete systems
7. Identification theory
8. Theory of control and observation
9. Optimal control problems of distributed parameter systems
10. Combinatorial optimization and complexity theory
11. Elements of the theory of control in uncertainty
12. Research methods
060509 – Specialty of Informatics:
1. Numerical methods of mathematical programming
2. Discrete mathematics
3. Research methods
060501 – Specialty of Mathematics, specialization of Computational Mathematics:
1. Numerical solutions of variation problems
2. Research methods
Scientific directions of the department:
1.Study of modeling, optimization and system dynamics problems of modular dynamic systems (MDS).
2. Study of optimal control problems of uninterrupted systems with collected and distributed parameters.
The department’s scientific publications in recent years:
5books, 60 articles were printed including 22 articles abroad.
60 syllabuses, 1 monograph, 25 subject programs, 4 textbooks and a methodical resource were published.
The department collaborate with several Azerbaijani universities (BSU, NSU, MSU, ASPU, UNEC, AUL, etc.) and ANAS Institutes of Control Systems, Mathematics and Mechanics, Information Technologies. Also, the department also has scientific relations with several high educational institutions and scientific centers such as the Department of Applied Mathematics of Lipetsk State Technical University of Russia, Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Kazan Federal University, Institute of Problems Control of Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Systematic Analysis, Kazakhstan National Technical University, Ege University and Kafkas University of Turkey.
For their services in the development of education, the collaborators of SSU were awarded with the diplomas: 1 employee of the department-the honorary title of Honored teacher, 2 employees-the badge of the Advanced education worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan of the Ministry of Education, 2 employees-the  Honorary diploma  of the Ministry of Education, 1 employee-the Honorary diploma of the Free Trade Union of Education Workers, 2 employees–Honorary diploma of Sumgayit State University, 1 employee-twice with the Honorary diploma of Sumgayit City Executive Power.
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20