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Press and public relations service
The press service of Sumgayit State University has been operating for many years. According to the decision of the meeting of the Scientific Council of the University dated February 28, 2014 (protocol No. 03) and the order No. R-01-26/1 dated 19.05.2014, the Press service was named Press and public relations service.
The press and public relations service organizes work with the mass media and public relations, coverage of the university's activities in the mass media, promotion of education, teaching and scientific achievements in the local media as well as on the world level, informs to the university's employees and students, the work done in the higher school, and the upcoming tasks.
The press and public relations service is guided by the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Education", "On Obtaining Information", the Charter of SSU and other normative-legal acts in its activities and acts as a representative of the interests of the university in social organizations, mass media, including other educational institutions and individual citizens. The main mission of the department is to promote the scientific, educational and other socially beneficial activities of the university; to highlight scientific achievements in local media, websites, television programs; preparing press releases related to events held at the university; posting daily news in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages on the website; if necessary, takes measures to prepare answers with the participation of the structures of the university for eliminating the distorted situations, regarding the untrue information published in the mass media about the activities of the university.
The employees of the press and public relations service have a special role in publishing the "Sumgait University" newspaper, which is the official press agency of the university. "Sumgait University" newspaper has been published since 2000. The main content of the materials published on the pages of the newspaper is news about the scientific achievements of our students and teachers studying at the university, scientific and public events held at the university, international conferences, as well as about innovations and successes at the higher education institution.
Important news published on daily websites and official press agencies are also highlighted in "Sumgait University" newspaper.
Head of press and public relations service Nazkhanim Jalilli Mammad gizi, editor-in-chief of "Sumgait University" newspaper Firuz Novruzov Kazim oghlu, reporter and responsible secretary of the newspaper Fidan Valiyeva Ali gizi, cameraman Vasila Aghayeva Zahid gizi, video cameraman Rovshan Guliyev Rovshan oghlu, photographer Elchin Hasanov Khasay oghlu , the operator Khayala Iskanderova Isa gizi have a great role in this department.
It should be noted that quick information sharing is available on the websites, "Facebook", "Instagram", "Twitter".
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