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Physics and Electroenergetics
Faculty of Physics and Electroenergeticswas established on the basis of the Faculty ofEnergetics, Automation of production processesand Mechanics in 1974. It has been functioning as the Faculty of Physics and Electroenergetics since 2000. Faculty graduates had significant role in the development of industrial enterprises of Sumgayit. Candidate of technical sciences, docent Tamella Ahmad gizi Ahmadova has been leading the faculty since 2014. 
5 Doctors of sciences, 32 Candidates of sciences, 7 senior lecturers, 8 assistants and 32 technical workers are working at the department. 
Education is conducted in full-time and correspondence forms. 932 students are studying in Bachelor degree (871 of them full-time, 61correspondence) and 29 students in Master degree. New specialty –Power machine-building engineering was set up in the faculty. 
4 departments and 2 scientific-research laboratories are functioning in the faculty:
-Physics of solids and semiconductors
-Physics and its teaching methods
-Electrotechnics and energetics
-Problems of Electroenergetics (SRL)
-Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics
Majors in Bachelor Degree:
-Teacher of Physics
-Electrical engineering
-Engineering of Electroenergetics
-Thermal power engineering
-Electroenergetics (on TEMPUS project)
-Power machine-building engineering
Majors in Master Degree:
-Automation of industrial plants and technological complexes and electrical drive
-Electrical supply (on fields)
-Teaching methods and methodology of physics
-Semiconductors physics
-Thermal physics and molecular physics
-Semiconductor devices and microelectronics
-Atomic and molecular physics
-Thermal power stations
Majors in PhD degree:
-Electromechanical complexes and systems
-Semiconductors physics
Main scientific directions of the faculty:
-Semiconductor devices and microelectronics–Getting of rare soil complex semiconductor compounds and solid solution, researching their electrical, thermal, elastic, optic peculiarities, preparing functional semiconductor elements and devices on the basis of these materials and defining application perspectives.
-Cultivation of monocrystalby alloy traction, obtaining new triple semiconductor compounds and research of their fundamental physical properties
-Teaching methods and methodology of physics in continuous education system
-Analysis of regimes of load knots of electrical supply systems, processing regulation methods and means of voltage
-Researching working modes of devices of electric supply systems
-Monocrystalcultivation by applying nourishing alloy
-Automated management systems of the fields of oil, chemistry, metallurgy, machine-building, processing and researching generator and parametric measurement and distance transmitters
-Processing, research and application of devices for management systems of fields of petrochemistry, metallurgy and machine-building
-Researching renewable energy problems 


Physics and Electroenergetics faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20