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Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics
Laboratory of Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics was established in 2001 by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 267/06. The main purpose of the laboratory is to define acquisition of  the rare earth element complex semiconductor compounds and solid solutions,  the development  of synthesis and growth  of monocrystals, determination of fundamental and characteristic parameters, study of charge and heat transfer phenomena, neutron effects and application of these materials.
The existing research laboratory carries out methods of synthesis, purification of materials, growth of  monocrystals of TlInS2 (Se2, Te2) -TlLnS2 (Se2, Te2) system alloys by Brijman method, preparation of samples required for research.
During the activity of the laboratory, the characteristics of the structural formation of solid solutions of these systems, the determination of electrical, thermal, flexibility, elastic properties, the mechanism of charge and heat transfer events have been studied.
For this purpose, it is  necessary to solve the following problems: TlInS2 (Se2, Te2) -TlLnS2 (Se2, Te2) system alloys synthesis and  monocrystal growth technology is being fullfilled; complex study of physicochemical properties is carried out depending on the amount of lantonoids in the compound; The main parameters of semiconductors - specific electrical conductivity, Hall constant, temperature dependence of conductivity, coefficients of linear thermal expansion and  isothermal compression, as well as heat in solid solutions of thermal effects of TlIn1-xLnxSx (Se2, Te2) dependencies are investigated and possible areas of application of these solid solutions are identified; As the relative number of lantonoid atoms in solid solutions increases, the correlation between the width of the restricted zones and the effective masses of the case densities becomes more widespread.
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