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The Azerbaijani people have no connection with the events in Sumgayit
Academician Abel Aganbekyan, an adviser to former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, made a well-known speech in the French magazine Humanite in 1987, announcing the beginning of the struggle for Karabakh's independence to all Armenians scattered around the world. The Armenians and their supporters in Moscow made a plan to exaggerate the issue, make it the subject of discussion, commit genocide, and raise them against the Azerbaijani people, and resolve the issue through armed aggression. One of the components of the plan was to organize the massacre of Armenians in Sumgayit.
It is known that the Soviet government, continuing and developing the policy of the previous empire, created the Armenian state in the lands of Western Azerbaijan, the capital of which is our city of Yerevan. However, the Armenians and the pro-Armenian Soviet government did not give up their land claims against Azerbaijan. In 1948-1953, according to Anastas Mikoyan's plan agreed with Stalin, Azerbaijanis were deported from their ancient ancestral lands.
It should be emphasized that the policy of Tsarist Russia and the Soviet state, which aimed to occupy not only Karabakh, but also all Azerbaijani lands, was conditioned by the creation of a platform from our lands, first of all, against Turkey and their intentions coincided. We all know that the seizure of our lands and the establishment of the state were the dreams of the Armenians for years, but unattainable. That is why, under the pretext that Armenians live in Nagorno-Karabakh, they created agiotage and launched plans to annex this territory to Armenia. The authors and promoters of this negative plan were Raisa and Mikhail Gorbachev, Zori Balayan, Silva Kaputikyan, Sero Khanzadyan, Georgi Shahnazaryan, Abel Aganbekyan and others. Under their "conduction" a massacre was planned and carried out in Sumgayit.
It was known that Sumgayit, as a multinational city, was the second largest industrial center of the republic and was known to some extent throughout the USSR. Sumgayit, hundreds of kilometers away from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, was considered more suitable to deny or lose track of their involvement in the massacre. The blood-minded executioners were well aware that most of the Armenians living in Sumgayit were engaged in small crafts. There were very few intellectuals, scientists and celebrities. Armenians did not even regret giving up their Armenian compatriots for the sake of "common cause". Finally, most of the refugees forcibly expelled from Armenia and their homeland in Nagorno-Karabakh were settled in Sumgayit, and they were ready to do everthing , including revenge, against the Armenians.
Two days before the events in Sumgayit, Silva Kaputikyan, a despotic nationalist, addressed the Armenian population on television: “Karabakh has historically been Armenia. Our main goal is not to unite the two lands, but to heal the historical wound. Our people have suffered great tragedies, but our people are wise. We must show our wisdom in helping Gorbachev. Because there are many enemies of reconstruction and democracy, they can disrupt our plans. Therefore, we must help him in every way and return our historical lands."
The analysis of the events in Sumgayit shows that the majority of Armenians living in the city were aware of this. In the events of February 27-29, 1988, 32 people were killed, more than 400 people were injured, more than 200 apartments were looted, more than 50 cultural facilities were destroyed, more than 40 cars were damaged. The damage was estimated at 7 million rubles or $ 10 million. Many Armenian intellectuals began anti-Azerbaijani propaganda immediately after these events. In an interview the Yurmala newspaper, S. Khanzadyan, a nationalist, distorted the facts, claiming that more than 450 people had been killed in Sumgayit and that all of them were Armenians.
Z.Bunyadov revealed the opinion of the Armenian separatist Nvard Avakyan with substantial arguments "We have no tie in Sumgayit, it is 400 kilometers away from us." K. Rahimov and many others joined in exposing the insidious plans of the Dashnaks. They proved that the organizers of the Sumgayit massacre were Armenians, not Azerbaijanis.
Academician Z.Bunyadov "Why Sumgayit?" In his article, he refuted the plots of the Armenians and other forces interested in the perpetration of this bloody event with his logical judgments, and clearly stated the purpose of the action and the tragedy. Unfortunately, at that time, the Azerbaijani leadership based on the instructions of the Kremlin agreed with the fact that the events in Sumgayit were allegedly committed by a group of criminal elements. The events in Sumgayit further accelerated the process of savage expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia. The depraved Armenians attacked the villagers and expelled the Azerbaijani population from their ancestral lands. Later it became known that more than 400 Azerbaijanis were killed by various tortures, and 230,000 of our compatriots were expelled from their homeland. In fact, the Azerbaijani people have no tie to do with the planned events in Sumgayit. The world community must understand that this action served to destroy the USSR on the basis of national conflicts and Sumgayit was chosen as a favorable place. Our people at all times, as well as today, reject all forms of racial discrimination, severe chauvinism, and show tolerance, along with care for all peoples and nations living in their territory.

Elmar Khalilov, associate professor of Sumgayit State University, Doctor of Philosophy in History

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