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06 November 2018 15:24
On November 3, a group of students and the lecturers of the Department of Electrotechnics and energetics and the Department of Electromechanics of the Faculty of Physics and electroenergetics of S... Read more
06 November 2018 14:25
November 9 is Azerbaijan State Flag Day. State flag of our Republic is a symbol of state sovereignty, expressing its freedom, identity of the nation and struggle for concrete goals. A series of event... Read more
05 November 2018 22:11
On November 2, Halloween holiday was celebrated with the organization of Department of Foreign languages of the Faculty of Philology and the students of group 916. Lecturer of the Department of Forei... Read more
02 November 2018 17:04
On October 20-21, IV Eurasia championship was held in Baku on Full Kempo Professional (Kempo PRO), SubmishnGi and No Gi with the consent of Baku city Youth and Sports Head Office, Federations Board ... Read more
02 November 2018 16:23
Sumgayit State University is integrating into European science and education arena, conducts teacher and student exchange, cooperates in several fields and participates at international projects and p... Read more
02 November 2018 15:50
On November 2, the event was held, dedicated to life and creations of outstanding representative of Azerbaijani literature Huseyn Javid in the Faculty of Philology. Professor-teaching and student sta... Read more
01 November 2018 15:03
On November 1, educative event entitled “Smoking is prohibited” was held for students at Sumgayit State University. Chairman of Free Trade Unions Committee of University docent Elmar Kh... Read more
31 October 2018 16:42
On October 31, the meeting was held with the students entitled “Love to homeland and being a worthy human” at Sumgayit State University by Internally Displaced Women Public Unity and Board... Read more
31 October 2018 16:08
On October 31, the presentation of textbook “Bases of Azerbaijani archeology” by Doctor of science on history, well-known archeologist Gafar Jabiyev was held at Sumgayit State University... Read more
30 October 2018 15:56
Sumgayit State University holds “Open door days” for parents and Mass media regularly. On October 30, “Open door day” was held at Sumgayit State University. According to annou... Read more
30 October 2018 12:16
On October 30, the presentation of “Bir” Student-volunteer program by Ministry of Education was held at Sumgayit State University for I course students. Head of the Student Trade Unions C... Read more
29 October 2018 14:44
On October 29, the event dedicated to subject “The role of civil society in advancement of modern Azerbaijan” within the project of “Rendering services to NGOs in the sphere of i... Read more
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