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13 March 2017 13:49
In the recent days, the social networks are being written with the slander posts against our university. Namely, it has been written that the administration of the university has not attended in the f... Read more
11 March 2017 15:00
The administration of the university, deans of faculties and students of the university are regularly visiting the injured students in the Emergency Medical Aid Hospital and Clinic Medical Center №1 i... Read more
11 March 2017 12:00
The rector, an academic and students of the university have remembered with heartbreak the memory of the students died tragically in the result of car accident occurred in Baku-Sumgayit highway. Pres... Read more
11 March 2017 11:00
Lale Nasibzade, was born in 1999, the first course student of faculty of History and Geography which was in coma in the department of intensive care since the accident happened, she has died in today&... Read more
10 March 2017 11:34
The microbus of brand Ford-Transit realizing the carriage of the students of SSU underwent a car crush on March 9th morning on the bridge nearby the entrance to Masazir settlement which resulted with ... Read more
09 March 2017 16:10
Administration and academic staff of Sumgait State University expresses deep condelenmcese to the families of the student that died in the accident occurred in Baku- Sumgait highway!     &nb... Read more
09 March 2017 14:42
The rector of university Mr. Elkhan Huseynov, the representatives of Executive Power and Health Division of Sumgait, head of Supervisory Board of  “Azerkimya” Industrial Union and the... Read more
09 March 2017 14:12
Dear Mr. Elkhan Huseynov! Today in the morning, we get known of the terrible and heartbreaking news. The crush of microbus bringing the students of SSU lived in Baku to Sumgait astounded all of our p... Read more
09 March 2017 13:45
The rector of the Sumgait State University, Professor E. Huseynov and the personnel of the university express their sadness for untimely death of the students mentioned below and send the deep condole... Read more
09 March 2017 13:44
The Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. M. Jabbarov expressed his condolences to the families of the students found dead in the result of the accident. He said: I express my deep condolen... Read more
09 March 2017 12:13
Currently, the rector of Sumgait State University Mr. Elkhan Huseynov and the decision making figures of the city are in the Emergency Medical Aid Hospital in order to visit the injured students. The ... Read more
09 March 2017 11:30
Today’s morning brought about the car accident in a highway from Baku to Sumgait. The microbus of brand “Transit Ford” crashed with the track. An accident resulted of two students be... Read more
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