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14 February 2018 14:55
On February 14, opening ceremony of VII Republican contest “Scientists of tomorrow” was held. The contest is run with organization of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Az... Read more
09 February 2018 16:09
On February 9, the seminar was held at the University on writing projects of ERASMUS+KA2 and the procedures for applying them. The staff which will participate in the writing of ERASMUS+KA2 projects ... Read more
09 February 2018 14:43
On February 9, next meeting of Scientific Board was held. Rector of University Professor Elkhan Huseynov commenced the meeting, greeted Board members and spoke about substantial measures carried out f... Read more
08 February 2018 14:02
On February 8, next presentation of Mevlana Exchange Program was held on technical faculties at the University. Associate professor Qafar Atayev, vice-rector for Correspondence, distant and extra educ... Read more
07 February 2018 15:57
On February 7, sports (chess, checkers, backgammon) competition was held between co-workers of Sumgayit State University and Sumgayit State Technical College in team and personal, which was dedicated ... Read more
06 February 2018 15:51
On February 6, first meeting of scientific seminar within FD.02.193 Dissertation Board was held in Sumgayit State University. The Board was instituted by the order of Supreme Attestation Commission wi... Read more
05 February 2018 15:03
 According to the order “About organizing and running exam session” signed by Jeyhun  Bayramov, deputy minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic exam session of autumn semeste... Read more
02 February 2018 16:22
On February 2, presentation of Mevlana Exchange Program was held in Sumgayit State University for professor-teaching staff. In the presentation, vice-rector for Science and innovations Professor Rama... Read more
01 February 2018 16:10
On February 1, head of Automation of production processes department, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Nadirbek Yusupbekov ... Read more
01 February 2018 08:46
Young people are always leading force of country’s future. On February 1, in Sumgayit State University an event was held related to “Youth Day”. The event began with the anthem of A... Read more
31 January 2018 14:53
On January 31, the next training on “The Next Training Was Held on “Heydar Aliyev’s State Youth Policy” at SSU”  was held at Heydar Aliyev school of Sumgayit State U... Read more
26 January 2018 15:18
On January 26, reader conference called “Founder of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic” was held in Sumgayit in a branch of the library named after M.A.Rasulzade. The conference was dedicated ... Read more
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