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23 February 2024 20:27
On February 21-22, with the financial assistance of the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 38 students of the Engineering Faculty of Sumgait State University participated in the project ‘... Read more
23 February 2024 14:58
On February 23, Sumgayit State University held a literary and artistic event dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the Khojaly genocide called "From Darkness to Light". Ilhama Abdullayeva, h... Read more
22 February 2024 15:10
With the beginning of the spring semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, Sumgayit State University (SSU) students started their production and pedagogical experiences. In order to learn the impressio... Read more
22 February 2024 13:46
On February 22, a training on "Cyber attacks and defense against them" was held under the organization of the department of Informatics according to the Global Innovation Index Plan. Gulnar... Read more
22 February 2024 12:29
The students of SSU organized an event dedicated to the International Mother Language Day with the 2nd class of Sumgayit City No. 10 secondary school, where they have a pedagogical experience. The eve... Read more
21 February 2024 19:55
On February 21, at the Heydar Aliyev Center of Sumgait State University (SSU) and jointly organized by the Institute of Polymer Materials (PMI), dedicated to the ‘Year of Solidarity for the Gree... Read more
21 February 2024 14:59
On February 21, Sumgait State University (SSU) organized a round table dedicated to February 21 International Mother Language Day on ‘New Approaches to Mother Language Teaching in Scientific and... Read more
20 February 2024 18:00
On February 20, under the organization of the Department of Mathematics and its Teaching Methodology, Fatma Bunyatova, founder and creator of the Cognition School program, author of Constructive learn... Read more
20 February 2024 16:40
On February 20, a meeting with students who graduated from the project was held by the Agency for Innovation and Digital Development with the participation of mentors within the framework of the "... Read more
20 February 2024 16:09
For your information, we want to bring to your attention the exact results, taking into account the opinions spread in social networks about the exam session held at Sumgait State University in recent... Read more
19 February 2024 14:39
 On February 19, the 2nd meeting of the Quality Assurance Council of the Erasmus+ KA2 project "Improving Green and Sustainable Global Economy in Azerbaijan Universities: Renewable Energy and... Read more
19 February 2024 13:51
On February 19, an info session was held at Sumgayit State University within the framework of the "Entrepreneurship and New Business Development with the Basic Design Method" program. Recto... Read more
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