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28 October 2015 09:02
Professional staff that have a high level of education is the basis of the intellectual potential of the country. Nowadays, successful and sustainable economic growth is getting through the developmen... Read more
27 October 2015 10:54
On October 27, an international scientific confrance on “modern scientific-technical and applied problems of Power Engineering” was held in Sumgait State University with Azerbaijan Scienti... Read more
20 October 2015 13:22
On October 20, the faculty of History and Geography, the Youth Union of New Azerbaijan Party in our university held the lecture onthe topic "Heydar Aliyev and education in Azerbaijan". Elkh... Read more
20 October 2015 10:56
The integration of persons with disabilities to the institutions of higher education” training of European Union on TEMPUS project began on October, 20 in our university. Head of the Internatio... Read more
16 October 2015 11:22
On the 18th of October it was 24th anniversary of the State Independence Day in Azerbaijan.It is our people’s historical achievement to create a democratic,legal and worldwide state during these... Read more
16 October 2015 10:56
On October 16, there took place an event connected with the Independence day in Sumgait State University. The event declared openly with the playing National Anthem of Azerbaijan Republic. The rector... Read more
15 October 2015 10:37
In Sumgait State University on 15th of October it was organized an intellectual knowledge competition” What? Where? When ?”among the faculties by the Student Collegues and Student Young Or... Read more
10 October 2015 12:14
On the 10th of October, the workshop on behavior culture in public places was held with the co-organization of Rhetoric Universal Club, History and Geography School of the University. The workshop ai... Read more
09 October 2015 12:32
Contributing to the development and publicity of science, education, art, culture  of each country, book is considered to be spiritual wealth and history of the people. The book is a source of kn... Read more
08 October 2015 12:11
On October 8,the  Students' Scientific Society (SSS) held a meeting with first-year students of the faculties of Mathematics, Engineering, Physics and Electric Power,  History and Geography ... Read more
05 October 2015 09:42
On October 5, Sumgait State University, celebrated an event to the "International Teachers" Day". First, the SSU administration, teaching staff laid flowers at the bust of national lead... Read more
03 October 2015 12:26
October 3,Student Youth Organization held meeting with first year students. The chairman of the organization Elvin Gulmammadov noted that  the rector of our university, professor Elkhan Huseynov... Read more
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