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17 November 2016 12:55
The conclusion of the cooperation agreement is not only encouraging the HR potentiality, exchange of professor and lecturer personnel, improvement of student’s experience but also is increasing ... Read more
11 November 2016 11:27
The goal of the project is not only to enlighten the youth but also to propagate the national and spiritual values. The spectacle “Sarı Gəlin” has been displayed in the Hall of Azerbaijan... Read more
09 November 2016 13:31
Being our point of honor and pride, the Day of The State Flag was solemnly celebrated in Sumgait as well as in the other regions of Azerbaijan. The Head of Executive Power of Sumagait, Mr. Z.Farajov, ... Read more
08 November 2016 15:34
The month of November is a great of importance for the statehood’s history of Azerbaijan Republic. Because of the reasonable historical days are dealing with our statehood have been mentioned in... Read more
07 November 2016 13:35
Our students had the excursion to Gobustan historical museum on Nov 6 by the efforts of Student’s Trade Union Committee. Having an excursion through the museum halls the students acquainted with... Read more
06 November 2016 13:22
All conditions are supplied by university for the students in order to improve their skills. The key goal of Fulbright program is to develop an outlook of students and to improve their English speaki... Read more
05 November 2016 13:43
The next meeting of Public Union “The Youth Independent Entrepreneurship Activity” on the program “Enactus” was held from 4 to 5 November in Royal Hotel by financial support of... Read more
04 November 2016 13:39
The trainings were conducted for the lecturers of English language under the leadership of Ms. Mary Katherine, invited under the project of “English speaking youths” from the Embassy of US... Read more
03 November 2016 17:26
The faculty of Physics and Electric Energetics of SSU opened a new laboratory in order to increase the quality of the education and to provide the parallelism of the theory and practice.  The rec... Read more
03 November 2016 15:28
Our university has held the tournament for three kinds of sports on the occasion of 25th anniversary of the Day of Independence of Azerbaijan Republic. The tournament held by the efforts of Students&r... Read more
02 November 2016 17:02
There was an opening ceremony of 2nd Scientific Festival of Azerbaijan in Sumgait State Drama Theatre Hall and hereinafter, the festival went on with the scientific popular lectures in Sumgait State U... Read more
29 October 2016 14:20
On October 29, Sumgait Youth Center hosted an event dedicated to the “Ecology and food safety” realized by mutual efforts of Sumagait State University Student’s Youth Organization an... Read more
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