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02 December 2016 14:14
By the mutual efforts of Ministry of Sports, the public union “The debate of citizens’ society”, “Healthy Mind” Youth Organization and Debate Club of SSU the contests&rsq... Read more
01 December 2016 14:23
On 1 December SSU organized a seminar titled “Bachelor diploma in the result of open and distance learningimplementation” in the frame of ERASMUS + LPEB (Professional Bachelor in open and ... Read more
30 November 2016 15:56
The relations between religion and state are regulated by legislation To struggle against the religious radicalism-terrorism and extremism is one of the priorities of modern Azerbaijan. An event, has... Read more
30 November 2016 14:23
The next meeting of the Scientific Board has been held in Nov 30. Making an opening speech the rector of the university professor Mr. Elkhan Huseynov spoke about the reforms in the different fields, r... Read more
28 November 2016 17:01
“The cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan in the field of science and education has possessed a deep history”, said Mr. Elkhan Huseynov Since our country has gained independence and ... Read more
23 November 2016 16:47
The vise-rector on education arrangements and training technologies, the docent  Mr. NaetiqTalibov and the vise-rector on sciences and innovations, the professor Mr. RamazanMammadov represented o... Read more
23 November 2016 15:16
By the Contribution of the Public Union of Mass Media and Education Innovations and the Union of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan Republic our universi... Read more
23 November 2016 10:41
On 6-20 November Conservatoire National des arts et métiers (CNAM) was held trainings in the frame of ERASMUS + (Professional Bachelor in open and distance learning for the energy and environme... Read more
22 November 2016 13:12
Our university has held the presentation on Nov 22 concerning “One” Student-Volunteer Program by the initiative of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. Making an opening speech an... Read more
21 November 2016 16:50
The creation of The New Azerbaijan Party, founded by national leader Haydar Aliyev, is the source of pride for each of us. The party has included more than five hundred thousand members and owned a gr... Read more
21 November 2016 13:00
On Nov 22, Haydar Aliyev Center hosted a knowledge contest of ‘’ Sumgait Students’ Cup “Khamsa”  devoted to the Day of the City by mutual efforts of the Ministry of ... Read more
17 November 2016 15:34
Our university had a solemn and lovely lasting series of events devoted to the Mr. Javid’s activity. Making a speech in the event devoted to the writer’s activity the rector professor Mr. ... Read more
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